Do you want to be a part of our commercial video?

You are always so kind to describe your experience with LOOW, both online and when we meet you at our office - Several times we have talked about recording you on video to share with new customers. No one is better to describe LOOW's values like you. This is how the idea came up.

We would like to have short cut films of you sharing your ideas and experience with LOOW. Then we will cut the tapes together from different customers to one campaign video. Now when we don't have the ability to invite everyone to a video shoot due to the covid-19, we hope you will be ready with you own. The video is for use on our social medias (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) and will in total be 15sec to 1min long. 

The purpose of this video is to show new customers what we can do.

 Picture of Umahro Cadogan as an example.
We have made an FAQ that we hope you will take time to read before you start recording. 

Get answers to these questions:

  • What is in it for me?
  • What should I do to increase the chance that my video will be selected for the campaign?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • What is the campaign made for and how will you edit it?
  • Can I watch the video before you post it?
  • What should I do in the video?
  • How do I send my video to you?


What is in it for me? 

You will be a part of a cool commercial with LOOW and be able to share your experience with new potential customers. You both help us and other people who you think deserves a life with LOOW products. 

If your video is selected to be used for our campaign you will recieve a gift card to our webshop of DKK 1,000 kr. value.

What should I do to increase the chance of my video being selected for the campaign?

We want to make sure that when we cut the different videoes together there will be a common thread. It's therefore important to try follow our 5 points below. 

The 5 points to ensure a common thread:

  1. The format is a "selfie video", taken upright with a stretch arm, with your face at the top of the image (contact us if you want a concrete example)

  2. The sound must be clear and without wind noise in the microphone.
  3. The face is visible and you are generally looking at the camera.
  4. The background can be anything; in the woods, at sea, at your office and so on.
  5. The video must be recorded in daylight or with a ring light.

Where did the idea come from?

You are always so kind to share your ideas and thoughts with us. We often receive sweet messages from you, and we really appreciate that you spend time sharing your experiences on our Trustpilot. This really can make our day.

This made us think that we would like to involve you a little more, as there is nothing more real than your statements to our new customers. Our goal is to make an honest and natural video that does not seem set up. At the same time, we also get the opportunity to see who you really are.

What is the campaign made for and how will you edit it?

We will use the film as a campaign on our social media platforms. We select 5-15 pcs. of various videoes and when the pieces are cut together it will be around 15sec to 1min long. We will look through all the recieved vidoes an therefore pick those out who fits together. It's therefore likely that we do not use your intire video. Of course, we do our best when we edit and cut the video clips together so what you say will no be taken out of context. When we have selected all the videoes in to one video we will be finished with our LOOW campaign video.

Can I watch the video before you post it? 

Of course, we would like to send you the finished video before we publish it, if your clip will be a part of the campaign video. We will contact you if or if it is not chosen. 

What should I do in the video? 

The idea is that you share your thoughts and experiences with our new customers. It is up to you what you want to say in the video as long as it is relevant for our new customers. You decide whether you want to say a single sentence or more. However, it is not certain that we will include all your sentences in our video, to make room for several different experiences. It is primarily about our T-shirts, but if you have another favorite product, please describe it. In addition, we would like to see your face so we can see who you are as well as write your first name and city at the bottom of the video, to make the video more personal. Please let us know if you do not want your name or city to appear in our video.

For those of you who want some inspiration, it will be found below:

  • How LOOW differs from other clothing or other clothing brands.
  • What your favorite product is and how / when you use it.
  • What makes you return to LOOW and act again.


How do I send my video to you?

The videos must be sent in full resolution to e.g. via


Feel free to contact us if you have questions, ideas or want to save with us about your video write to, on Messenger/Instagram or call us on +0045 3162 5331.


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