Traveling the world

We decided to leave our jobs and travel for 6 months before settling down with children etc. Our travels take us to the East and West of Canada, the East and West of America, Costa Rica, Peru and Argentina. This trip was a long time in the planning and I had researched specialist travel clothing to ensure I had the least amount of carry in my pack.

After researching the best T-shirts to take, it was clear that Merino wool was the way forward. Naturally odour resistant, easy and light to pack and less likely to get creased in my backpack. I searched the internet for Merino wool and of the many sites I saw,  LOOW stood out as it only sold Merino wool products. I was immediately impressed, as they were one of the only companies to offer such a high Merino wool content in their t-shirts. 

Adventure winner Lake Maligne, Jasper, Canada

I noticed LOOW were running a competition where you tell them about your adventures, so I decided to enter. After all, our adventure was the main reason for finding out about and purchasing my t-shirts from them in the first place!

They are more comfortable than my usual t-shirts and you can feel the difference straight away; they are much cooler. After a hot day travelling even my wife was surprised at how good I still smelt! They're great for hot days and do exactly as advertised. Easy to wash (when you need to) too!

Steven sent us these images from Jasper and lake Maligne in Canada. 
Steven is wearing our T-OSS 135 O-neck T-shirt in the colour asphalt, size medium.

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