Father & Daughter trip to Kilimanjaro

Father & Daughter trip to Kilimanjaro

A father & daughter trip takes Louis and Thea through five climate zones, 6 nights in a tent and 8-10 hours of hiking a day - to the top of Kilimanjaro.

A birthday gift from his wife became the start of Louis' journey to climb Kilimanjaro. His daughter Thea saw this as a perfect opportunity to get some father/daughter time, and volunteered as his travel buddy. Both of them liked the challenge, and Thea also saw it as a great way to warm up to her trip to Central America two months later - and of course, as a great way to spend quality time with her dad.

The hike up Kilimanjaro covers 5 climate zones, which means that they would be hiking in a lot of different surroundings and temperatures when going up the mountain. They experienced everything from swimmingpools and 30 degree weather to rainforests, desserts, and snow on the way to the top.

Equipment, equipment, and equipment! That word became the keyword of their trip, when they received a large packing list from the travel agency. It quickly became clear that beside the right footwear, you HAD to bring wool clothing. The father and daughter became very close friends with a merino wool T-shirt, zip-neck and the neckwarmer, that fit perfectly for the everchanging weather.


Especially at nighttime, the merino wool played an important part, because of the much colder weather with -10 degrees. When they took off the next morning and the temperature rose, the temperature-regulating qualities made the clothing comfortable to wear anyways.

The hike up Kilimanjaro offered 6 nights in a tent on the mountain, and 8-10 hours of hiking a day. The last day, they even walked for 16 hours straight. Every meal was eaten in beautiful surroundings in the wilderness. All in all, the trip was a great experience, with sunrises and sunsets, unforgettable views, and an amazing feeling when they saw the sunrise at the very peak of Africa.