From Denmark to China by bike - Part 1

From Denmark to China by bike - Part 1

Important things to know about me:

  1. Before this trip, 15km on a bike seemed far for me.
  2. I have never changed a bike tire in my life.
  3. I can be pretty stubborn when someone tells me there is something I can’t do.
  4. My name is Ronja.

Ever since highschool I have had a dream of biking from Denmark to China, and just before Christmas this year I made it a third of the way, when I biked from Copenhagen to Istanbul with two friends. Now, I am continuing on my own, and I am excited to see what will happen along the way, and where I end up. Hopefully it will be in China, but who knows?

When we started the first trip to Istanbul in September, we named the trip “det ser vi på”, a Danish term meaning “We’ll see what happens”. We named it that, because it was a sentence that kept coming in the planning phase. Many of the planning meetings ended up being about something else than planned, so the “we’ll see what happens”-mentality seemed like the best way to actually get us on the bikes and just go. This mentality has become a symbol of all of the unplanned experiences along the way.

Now I am on my own, headed to China, and the motto remains the same. I guess you can say it is a slightly lighter version of “carpe diem”, which for many people has become quite a cliché. However, I do find it kind of liberating, which is nice when you choose to bike across the world.

Maybe I will reach China this time, maybe I won't.. Maybe I will do it all by myself, maybe I won't. Maybe I will learn to fix a flat tire, maybe I won't. But you can bet on one thing - I am going to come home with experiences for a lifetime - and I am ready to welcome them with open arms.

I am happy to share my experiences with you and I hope that I might be able to inspire others to throw themselves out there and start an adventure of their own. Even if they haven't planned it down to the smallest detail.

Because “we’ll see what happens”.. right?

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