We want to return to a time when clothes were bought to serve a purpose and each item was given a greater value in your wardrobe. In this way, we hope to help change the buying culture in a direction where we buy less, but better and more consciously. We also want to use the products we have more. Our clothes are therefore made to be used and to last, and we make it a virtue to extend the life of our products as much as possible. You can read more here about how you can help take good care of your products.

Love for the material

We believe that no product is better than the material it is made in, and it is no coincidence that all our clothing is made in the best quality merino wool. 

Today, the design of clothing is often higher prioritized and gets much more attention than the material. For us, it is the most important. Material affects everything throughout the lifecycle of any piece of clothing - from its carbon footprint in the early stages of its lifecycle, to its durability, how often it needs to be washed and how it potentially can be recycled or reused at the end of its lifecycle.

We focus on selecting and developing the most comfortable and functional fabrics that make our clothing a pleasure to wear. In our opinion, wool  is the most luxurious, comfortable and functional textile there is. That's why we believe merino wool can contribute to a greater sense of joy and freedom in an everyday life where you don't have to worry about your clothes. 

Creating a durable product means more than just creating a product in great materials. For them to last a long time, it also requires the right fit and functionality that will suit you and meet your needs through different stages of your life, so that you’ll keep appreciating and value them. 

You can read more about why we believe wool is the best material.

Designs that work 

We don’t do collections and trends 
We don’t follow any seasonal collections or trends. We have a core collection with few items designed with functionality, versatility and longevity in mind. Basic, timeless pieces that will never go out of style and can be worn every season and for all activities.

We create designs that can be used for everything 
We draw a lot of our inspiration from outdoor clothing, sportswear and the military. From clothing designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Merino wool is one of the most widely used materials for serious outdoor clothing, due to its amazing properties.

When we have ensured the functionality and comfort of the garment, we will design it so it can be used for everyday life; at work, in the restaurant, for traveling and maybe even for a party. We keep the colors and lines classic and simple.

Colors that are easy to match
We want to make it easy for you to match our clothing with whatever you are wearing. That is why we choose colors that are complex. A T-shirt that is green with a shade of brown can be matched with more colors of pants than a cleaner green T-shirt. Many of our colors are either completely dark or completely light.

A fit that actually fits your body
We know how much it matters that clothes fit properly and feel comfortable to wear. That's why we usually spend around 12 months developing, testing and tailoring new products before releasing them for sale.

We only create items that we know you need 
A big part of our design philosophy is to only create products we know our customers needs and that will bring them value. This is why our customers play a big role in our product development process, where they have a lot of influence on what products, designs and colors we produce.

We encourage you to only buy what you need, because we believe that our pieces can be used for any occasion and will last many years.

We develop, test and try until the fit, quality and design is just right
We continuously enhance our quality and create pieces that suit your needs. The development and optimisation of our clothes never stops. We continuously receive feedback and always listen to your experiences with the clothes.

The first delivery of a new garment will usually be a small quantity, sold to the most loyal wool fans. This way, they help us test and give feedback on the garment, so we can make any final adjustments before we start a larger production run. If a new opportunity arises to improve an element of the garment, we always pursue it.

Designed with minimum waste in mind
Our production processes are also carefully thought out. We make sure that as much of the material we produce is used as possible. An example of this is that when we cut the fabric for our T-shirts, we make the most of the fabric by placing the small parts for our hats and scarves where there is room in the pattern.