Merino Zip-Neck


      In collaboration with our textile manufacturer in Ikast, we have developed a completely new fabric for this extreme sweater with a zipper. ZN-240 Zip-neck is an attempt to go as far as we can, utilizing the functionality of the wool and make a shirt that is suitable for everyday use.

      Imitates nature

      The back side of the fabric consists of loops, positioning some of the fibers perpendicular to the skin - similar to fur. It creates ideal conditions for the merino wool to do its job. The thermoregulatory properties are unsurpassed and might be the best we have experienced among all the textiles we have tried and tested. The vertical air ducts allow the fabric to get rid of excess heat. Moisture is efficiently transported away from the skin and the contact surface is smaller. It therefore feels dry, even when you sweat. You will experience a shirt that does not get too hot or cold. We hope you enjoy it, and would like to warn you in advance that the shirt may be difficult to get out of again, as it is unusually comfortable.

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