Our history

There is a saying that 'clothes make the man'. I came to fully appreciate the truth of that during my time in the Army Special Forces - And that’s when I became fascinated with wool. Operating in a wide range of climates and situations your clothing as a special forces operator can be the deciding factor between mission failure or mission success. Wool enabled me to perform at my best. In my civilian life, the stakes are not quite as high - most of the time anyway - but I kept my love of wool. 

Having left the special forces my old wool shirts no longer looked right for the social settings I found myself in. I went searching but never found that perfect T-shirt that combined performance and style. That’s why in 2015 I decided to make it myself. 

Merino wool comes from a special breed of sheep. Its wool fibers are very fine - for that reason it doesn’t itch. That makes merino wool perfect for inner layer clothing. To create the special LOOW fabric thousands of wool threads are spun together to produce a lightweight but strong textile. The manufacturing takes place in Denmark to ensure the working conditions are reasonable and the production methods sustainable. To match the quality of the textile with the design, I allied myself with a Danish fashion designer. In the tradition of Nordic design, we made a simple but elegant T-shirt that you can wear for pretty much any purpose. The strong wool fibers combined with our Total Easy Care treatment also makes sure that the T-shirt won’t fade, shrink, or develop odor - despite heavy use.

Wool is pretty great - but I guess there is a catch. It’s expensive. About 20 times as expensive as cotton. So where most brands use cheap fabric but charge you for the mass-targeted ad campaigns, the distributors, and more I cut all that away - we sell our LOOW T-shirts exclusively through our webshop so the thing you actually pay for - is the thing you get to wear.

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly going places from the gym, to the office, to lunch with your girlfriend. But whatever the day throws at me LOOW keeps me dry and comfortable, and makes sure I still smell fresh. I think people around me appreciate that as much as the design.

We often don’t think much of a T-shirt. We hide it behind a fancy shirt or sweater. But the T-shirt is really what does most of the hard work in keeping our bodies comfortable. Every morning I put on my LOOW shirt. Slipping it on feels good: It’s comfortable, it’s elegant but more than that, it’s knowing that it’s got my back covered - No matter what the day throws at me.

      -   Anders Lorentzen, founder of LOOW