Keno Peer - A life worth living

Keno Peer - A life worth living

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“For seven generations, my family have been academics and I’ve definitely felt the pressure to choose the same path. But I have always had a passion for being creative. Something I think stems from my dad, who’s an architect, and my mom, who’s an artist. Dreaming have always been a part of my personality,” Keno Peer tells over the phone.

He is at the family’s holiday home in the Alps, relaxing after returning from the film festival in Cannes. Normally, he lives in Vienna, having moved there last year. He visited the city for the first time with his father in 2016 and it was love at first sight.

“I love the feeling of community Vienna has. And the university is fantastic! It’s designed by Zaha Hadid and reminds me of a futuristic space station. I’m studying economics and the way they structure the education I have plenty of time to explore all the other parts of my life – all my creative interests.” 

Keno Peer in Morocco

I had to proof myself

And it’ the creativity that fills Keno’s life. At least if you look at his Instagram profile, where he has just under 60,000 followers. Amazing images focussing on architecture and people he met on his way. And, images showcasing a jet set-like lifestyle with exotic travels, elegant parties and plenty of design. Has he experienced criticism for this?

“Luckily not. But when I was younger, many people told me I had to focus on one thing in my life – meaning, that no-one can do it all. But I never got that. Why should I be so narrow-minded? And when people saw me playing for Rihanna, they accepted me as a musician. And when they saw me working with German top photographer Kristian Schuller, they accepted me as a photographer. But I had to prove myself every step of the way,” Keno explains, while describing his economics studies as a necessity in turning his creativity into a business, but also as a bit of a back-up plan:

“Economics is the key to my creativity and entrepreneurship. I need the financial knowledge if I want to establish a successful business.”

Keno Peer in Morocco surfing

A life full of education

If creativity is the headline for Keno’s life, his heart is full of inspiration. A wish to motivate other people to live their own life, just as he finds inspiration in the people he surrounds himself with. Only a select few celebrities have earned the title of idol; Tesla-creator Elon Musk being one of them:

“He is really interesting! He wants to change the car industry without listening to the lobbyists and everyone else who thinks they know how to do it. He has his own vision,” says Keno, who also have a larger vision for his own life.

“The German school system are in desperate need of disruption. It’s very traditional and not very creative, in no way preparing the kids of the reality they will enter after their education. I did okay in school, but the school couldn’t accommodate all my creativity. I dream of mixing the books with the creative. School should work 360 degrees with kids’ personalities, teaching them to perform. Education should recognise that people learn in many ways, using all our senses.”

Keno keeps supplying his education himself, teaching himself online. He mentions as a great source of knowledge. When he is off-duty it’s not Netflix he watches, it’s Ted Talks:

“I reach out for as much knowledge I can get my hands on!”

Keno Peer LOOW interview

Minimal and cosy

While Keno can’t get enough knowledge in his brain, his physical surroundings are a much simpler subject. And therefore, Keno and Loow are a perfect combination, he says:

“Our values align pretty well, since Loow represents both the minimal and the sustainable, two very important elements for me. I have my entire life in the cloud, all I need is my computer and an internet connection. At home, I live relatively simple as well but I do need a few cosy comforts, like pictures, candles and nice textiles. This make my home a base I retreat to after travelling the world.”

If the globetrotter could wish for one addition to the Loow collection it would – obviously – be a backpack.

“A minimal, practical and workflow-friendly backpack, ready to travel. I would love it if Loow introduced one.”


Keno wears a black Longsleeve T-shirt from our 2nd generation, size large. Keno is 189 cm / 79 kg.

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Keno also has a photography project with his mother, FutureWithTradition.