By applying for the LOOW Stories Sponsorship, you agree to the terms and conditions described in this document.

1. Concept and purpose

LOOW aims to celebrate and promote everyday adventures, including those who dare to embark on projects outside the norm. This can include travel, sports activities, adventures, or exciting changes in your daily/work life. We run an annual application round where you can apply for support for your project in the form of LOOW products. When the application deadline ends, we select 4-8 projects that we want to sponsor with products. In return, we will have the opportunity to share your story on our blog, newsletter, and social media.

2. Requirements for your project

The start of your project will be agreed upon with us during the initial contact. There is no limit to the duration or content of your project. It is not a requirement for the project to be an extreme activity or have a sports-related basis. It can be anything from exciting daily routines/practices, smaller adventures and outings, life-changing decisions, and much more. There are no limitations to what can inspire and fascinate others, the most important part is that our products can have a meaningful role in connection with the project. We reserve the right to reject all requests.

3. Application process
You can apply for sponsorship during the application round. When the application deadline expires, we select the projects we want to support and contact the applicants directly by email. We will then arrange a meeting where we can discuss the project in more detail, determine which products are necessary for the project, and agree on the content and scope of the LOOW STORY to be created.

4. Deadlines and content for the LOOW story
Within 30 days of starting your project, regardless of its duration, we expect you to provide the following content (unless otherwise agreed):

  • An introductory text (min 500 words) where you tell a little about yourself, your project, the motivation behind it, and any expectations you have for the project. We also want a packing list describing what you need or bring in connection with your project.
  • Three useful pictures from the initial phase of the project (for example, of yourself, your preparations for the project, or the start of the project). These pictures do not need to display an LOOW product (minimum resolution 2000x2000px).
    During the project:
  • One picture should be posted on your social media feed, where the product is in focus and of good quality (minimum resolution 1080x1080 pixels). We expect you to tag us in relevant stories during the project so we can repost them on our social media.
    Within 30 days of the project ending, we expect:
  • A concluding text where you tell us about the project's progress, how it went, your experiences along the way, and any thoughts you may have afterward. At least three useful pictures (min 2000x2000px), of which at least one should show an LOOW product and one should show a person wearing an LOOW product prominently. We want your project to inspire readers, so remember that your story is what interests us the most.

5. Which product will you receive

  1. In the initial phase, we will decide together which LOOW clothing is best suited for your project and what you need. This decision will be based on the project's scope and an assessment of the necessary requirements, within reasonable limits. As a rule, you can influence which product(s) you want to receive, depending on what makes sense for you and your project. However, we (LOOW) may have products or variants that we believe would be best for your project, or new products/variants that we want to promote. We therefore reserve the right to decide which variants or products you receive.

6. Use of your material (pictures and text)

LOOW has the right to use your pictures and text on our website (loow.com), newsletters, Facebook page/group, Instagram, LinkedIn, and similar.

7. If requirements and deadlines are not met

If the criteria described in point 3 are not met within the described deadline, 30 days after the start of the project, and after 30 days after the end of the project - unless otherwise agreed in writing - we reserve the right to invoice the full amount for the received products. The value of the product is determined based on the sales price on the website. Before sending the products, we must have received your full name, telephone number and email address. Any invoice is sent per. email for payment within 14 days.

if you have further questions please contact us