You only live once, so follow your dreams

You only live once, so follow your dreams

"Before we had children we had our own boat, but after we had twins, we couldn’t find the time for sailing. Now that our children are teenagers, we have found the time to pursue the dream of sailing in warmer climates.”


Last year he joined a 50 foot sailboat to sail from Porto in Portugal to Gran Canaria via Lisbon, Porto Santo, Madeira, and Tenerife. The trip took three weeks and covered 1,200 nautical miles (2,222 km.). “I need something to counterbalance my hectic life, and to keep an overall balance in life. I achieve that by sailing and experience the nature of the grand oceans. Observing wild dolphins play and jump around the boat or watching the magnificent, star-spangled night sky during a night shift is indescribable. And I will never get enough of a beautiful sunset or sunrise in the horizon. When you are travelling in a small sailboat on the enormous, long waves of the Atlantic Ocean, you begin to really appreciate how small a part of this world you are. In a way you become forced to let go, and accept that you are under the control of nature”.

This year the adventure continued on a 39 footer, which he joined where he left off last year. The trip went from Gran Canaria via La Palma and Tenerife, to the capital of the Cape Verde Islands, Praia, situated on the island of Santiago - which is just 650 km west of Senegal, on the coast of Africa.

This time the trip lasted three weeks and crossed 1,100 nautical miles. The longest duration without seeing land lasted 7 days and 900 nautical miles.

Lars explains that one of this year’s biggest experiences was meeting the local population of Santiago. There is a big difference between the Canary Islands and the archipelagoes of Cape Verde. Cape Verde is visited far less by tourists, and the culture is relaxed and forthcoming. They live by a ‘no stress’ motto.


“On a sailboat the space is limited, and the opportunity to do your laundry is restricted, so it all comes down to bringing very functional clothes, where possible. The quality and design of Loow ensures that their t-shirts are useful for many different purposes. I used mine as an inner layer during colder night shifts, as a regular t-shirt during the day, and as an elegant t-shirt during the evenings we went out to restaurants. It was also very practical that I was able to wear them several days, without experiencing a smell of sweat.”

“The dream is to be able to do more sailing - preferably over a longer duration on the Mediterranean Ocean. And when that time comes, I will definitely be packing a couple of Loow t-shirts for the trip…”

Lars is wearing a T-OLS 135g Longsleeve and a T-VSS 135g V-neck, both size Small/Ocean. Lars is 173 cm / 65 kg.

You can follow Lars and his sailing adventures on Instagram