Multifunctional Merino Wool
For thousands of years, wool has evolved to better protect the body and skin - and merino wool seems to have had free rein in this regard. Merino wool is not like the wool you know. It doesn't scratch, but...
5 great reasons to wear merino wool when skiing

Skiing/snowboarding puts high demands on our clothing and equipment, as it's not just the temperature in the mountains that can fluctuate, but our activity level too. Read the five reasons why merino wool is the best to wear when skiing right here. 

Layering guide for skiing - for ultimate comfort, warmth and functionality
Knowing how to dress for skiing can be hard since it is not just the temperatures in the mountains that fluctuate, but also your activity level. Merino wool in layers will give you the right warmth, comfort and functionality to run fast down the slopes and be prepared for any weather.
4 trips you can take between Christmas and New Year
EXTENDED WEEKEND ON MØN Denmark has a lot to offer - even in winter - and a place like Møn is a magica placel to visit. People flock to the island in southern Zealand time and time again, and for...
How to best dress for autumn's changing weather: the layer-on-layer concept
The changing season often brings unpredictable and changing weather, which can make it difficult to know what to wear. Autumn puts higher demand on our clothing - this is where the amazing properties of wool come into their own. Indeed, with the right wool clothing and an understanding of the layer-on-layer concept, you'll be able to stay warm, dry and comfortable whatever the wind and weather.
Guide to your first night in the wilderness
Are you considering trying something new? I recommend that you go spend the night in the forest! It is an amazing experience and something everyone should try.  But before you decide to go, it is important that you prepare. That probably goes without saying. Here is a quick guide on the most important things to consider and what to pack before your first night in the wilderness.
How to wash your wool when traveling
Even though our products can be used longer before needing a wash due to the great properties of the wool, you might want to give them a quick wash if you are away for a longer time than a week....
Our best tips on how to pack right to travel light
We love to travel and explore exciting new places and things, but for a lot of us packing can be a stressful and annoying job. It is always hard to know exactly what to pack and how much to pack....
5 things to do if you are spending summer at home
1. Play tourist in your own country/city In our busy everyday lives, we usually take the same route home from work, walk the dog in our neighborhood, and meet up with friends in the same café. This is natural, as...
We are proud sponsors of Team Rynkeby 2022

LOOW are sponsors for Team Rynkeby Riget for the second year, where we have contributed with wool shirts for the entire team for their trip to Paris.

From extreme enviroments to daily comfort
LOOW started from my desire to create stylish, high quality menswear, that’s also practical for everyday use. From this idea, LOOW was born: comfortable clothing of unparalleled quality, that’s about more than the latest