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Your first LOOW shirt

We are extremely excited about the properties of thin and lightweight merino fabrics. The feeling you experience while wearing our 135 fabric, is comparable to nothing else.

If you are new to LOOW a 135 T-shirt, should be your first pick.

The alternative

If you like thicker and heavier clothes, or need the shirt to provide more warmth. We recommend our 220 T-shirts. They are slightly wider and more durable.

The core of our clothes
It's all about the fabrics
Usually the fabric doesn't get a lot of attention. but for us it is the most important thing.
Selecting and developing the most comfortable and functional fabrics, makes the clothes a pleasure to wear is our mission.
A miracle from nature
We love merino wool

Developed by nature through thousands of years, wool is the natural way to protect your skin and keep you comfortable - in all climates.

Merino wool is finer than normal wool, for that reason it doesn't itch and feels very comfortable to the skin.

- Merino wool doesn't itch
- It's temperature regulating
- Keeps you odor free
- Require less washing


Please let us know if you need advice for products, sizes for fabrics. Write us af wool@loow.com or use this form.