Nordic Overland - We love to travel

Nordic Overland - We love to travel

And when we travel, we prefer to do it as Overlanders. The classic way! With our Land Rover Defender and our South African expedition trailer.

What appeals to us is the thought of being independent from others for several weeks, to bring everything necessary with us, and to be able to reach almost any point we want. 

For us it is less about arriving and more about the journey there. That’s how the journey itself often becomes the goal.

When you travel with the people most important to you, you discover a sense of comfort and safety – and that doing the right thing isn’t dependent on where you are, but who you are with. That way you can feel at home anywhere in the world.

However, over the years we have become a bit indolent. Even though overlanding generally is about outdoor life, we do not compromise on comfort or equipment when we travel.

The best journeys are the ones where we reach the perfect mix of nature and culture, outdoor life, good food and exercise. The equipment becomes a tool to reach the goal, and it has to work – regardless of it being what we are driving or what we are wearing.

We write about our trips because we love to write. And when we publish our travel accounts on our website, it is because we love to read about other people’s trips and become inspired by them. Writing is primarily for ourselves – but if someone becomes inspired to go see the world, that would only make us happy and proud.

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