Jørn Nørtoft - Copenhagen Yoga

Jørn Nørtoft - Copenhagen Yoga

How did you discover LOOW? 

I discovered LOOW through a recommendation from a friend. I checked the website and found the products very interesting and I immediately bought the T-shirts online. The thoughts behind the product, material and design appeals to me. Creating a sustainable product, proving that production can be Danish throughout, it is hopefully something we'll see more of in the future - respect!

Wool is for me one of the most wonderful fabrics to wear. It feels natural and organic against my skin; the body can both breathe and simultaneously stay warm. The fabrics naturally adapts to your body temperature, gives you the experience that you don’t want to wear anything else. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I've been self-employed since 2005. I made a huge change in my career from being the driving force in establishing an independent real estate company in Copenhagen - to opening a yoga studio in 2007. Today I have 9 employees and do various activities in the yoga studio located on Østerbro; such as education, training and travels. Yoga has been my passion ever since I as a 21 year old entered a yoga class. Therefore, it is with a smile that I now live by communicating the benefits of yoga to others.

"The design of the T-shirt, both short and long-sleeve is just spot on - glorious!"

I try to do my best towards my students - which is the least you can do as a facilitator, when someone pays you. I also support various organizations in charity work - including Mødrehjælpen, Aktion Børnehjælp and the Danish Cancer Society. I am aware of which companies I support, even though it can seem like a jungle. At the same time I greatly appreciate quality, in terms of how the product is produced, communicated and the underlying thoughts behind the product.  



How do you use your LOOW T-shirts in everyday life?
I use both the short- and longsleeve T-shirt. The T-shirt has a great fit and is great for yoga, even when I twist and turn my body upside down during my practice. The T-shirt gives me a good cooling effect and warmth, depending on whether I'm doing a physical yoga practice or meditating. In addition, the design and the material is so thought out that I can wear both the long sleeved and short sleeved in my yoga practice and afterwards underneath a suit jacket. The design of the T-shirt, both the short- and long-sleeve is just spot on - glorious!


Jørn Nørtoft  www.kbhyoga.dk 

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Jørn is wearing a Navy Longsleeved Merino shirt in size M, he is 75kg and 180cm