T-shirt guide

How do our T-shirts differ?
Light weight
135 T-shirts

This is our most popular T-shirt. The fabric have a weight of 135 g/m², it is ultra light and airy. Known for its high level of comfort, performance and a great fit.

Fit: Designed for the athletic type, with a narrow/slim fit. Suitable for tall men too.

Use it for: indoor use, as a base layer during colder months, for sports, hiking, dynamic daily use, warm environment or for those who are often too hot.

Not suitable for: Our 135 does have its limitations. The fine, thin merino wool developes holes more easily than some of the thicker products. Therefore, it is not recommended for heavy use or if you risk colliding with trees, branches and other sharp/pointy objects.


  • Textile weight: 135g/m²
  • Yarn: 60/1 compact spun
  • Fibre thickness: 17,5Yarn: 60/1 compact spun
Super fine
220 T-shirts

Our 220 T-shirts are made in a dense two-ply fabric and has a weight of 220 g/m². The T-shirt is thicker and will give you the extra warmth you need in cooler conditions.

Fit: Wider fit. The heavier fabric is less reveling than our lighter fabrics, and falls naturally on the body, due to it's heavier drape.

Use it for: It is more formal looking, making it great as corporate wear, as well as everyday wear, for hiking, craftspeople and in cooler climates (wear it as a midlayer over one of thinner 135 T-shirts).

It is more durable and robust in case you get into a collision with branches, trees or other sharp objects that can tear the textile a bit.


  • Textile weight: 220 g/m²
  • Yarn: 60/2, compact spun
  • Fibre thickness: 17.5 micron
160U T-shirts

This is possibly the most complete T-shirt produced and of an extremely high quality all-round.

The material is extra soft and has an exclusive look. The fabric is made of two-ply, compact spun Italian yarn. With the fine quality, where the material is 160 g, the blouse is between our ultralight and superfine merino T-shirts in terms of weight. It has many of the good qualities of both the 135 in terms of weight, temperature control, and the 220 where it possesses greater robustness.

Fit: Same fit as our 135 T-shirts. Narrow, more slim fit.

Use it for: everyday wear for a more formal look, corporate wear or for finer use under a suit.


  • Textile weight: 160g/m²
  • Fibre thickness: 15.5 microns
  • Yarn: 100/2, compact spun

Wool & Silk
180 W/S T-shirt

Our newly developed fabric with an ultra luxurious blend of our superfine merino wool and silk. The silk increase durability while it supports our genuine thoughts around 100% natural products whenever deemed possible.

The fabric is more stretchy than our other fabrics, more firm and less soft.

Fit: Same design as our 135 T-shirts but feels more slim fit. In addition, the neck opening is slightly narrower. If you prefer a looser fit, we recommend sizing up for the best comfort.

Use it for: everyday wear for a more formal look, corporate wear or for finer use under a suit.


  • Textile weight: 180g/m²
  • Fibre thickness: 19.5 microns
  • (Yarn: 100/2, compact spu)
  • 73% merino wool, 25% silk, 2% elastane