The WOOL Club - Personalized T-shirts

When you are a 'Royal' member of the WOOL club, we offer you the opportunity to tailor our clothes to your needs and specifications.

Our talented seamstress will create a new patterns based on your requirements, and create individual items just for you.

You can pick any style we make, and most fabrics we use, and change any measurements you like.

Depending on the availability of the fabrics at the sewing facility, we will ask for your patience upon creating these items. It can take from 2-8 weeks from ordering to delivery.

Here are some examples of what we have done already:

  • Creating over-sized 220 T-shirts with a loose fit.
  • Design a longsleeved V-neck, with new measurements.
  • Tailored the fit to persons exact measurements (for ultra running).
  • Created a longsleeve 220 Polo
  • Made the first 135 dress, upon a customer request.

We can of cause also do minor adjustments to the T-shirts. Making the neck opening wider or narrower or adjust the length of the sleeves etc.

Let us know about your wishes at, and we will do what ever we can to make it come through.