Packaging options

Before check out we give you the option to choose between two kinds of packaging, both options are free of charge.

LOOW boxes + cardboard wrapping

If you choose this option, we will ship the T-shirts in our beautiful cardboard boxes and protect them with an extra card board box. So they present themselves well - when handing them over as a gift.

No boxes + paper bag

When selecting this option, we will ship the T-shirts plain, in a durable recycled paper bag, to save you the trash and save the environment.

Please note

All accessories (boxers, socks, tank top, neckwarmer etc.) are shipped in zip-lock bags or pouches. As they are stored like this to keep them nice and clean. 

Large orders might be shipped in a bigger card board box, if we do not have paper bags that are large enough.

The entire order are shipped as you specify. If you need T-shirts with and without boxes, please place two orders.


New packaging for socks 

In terms of saving on the materials, we have decided to change the packaging on our socks. We believe in, and choose to prioritize, the materials in our textiles rather than the packaging. Therefore, we have removed the piece of paper as seen on the right in the picture as it does not serve a bigger purpose.