Henrik loves to wear his merino wool in the hot Bahamas weather

Henrik loves to wear his merino wool in the hot Bahamas weather

Many people think that wool is something you only wear during the winter, but wool is actually really great in the summer as well. We chatted with one of our great customers Henrik, who lives in the Bahamas, to hear why he loves to wear wool in the hot tropics.

My grandmother always said: What's good for the cold - is good for the heat! 

After living in the Bahamas for 4 years, I can now say that she was right. The average temperature is between 21 and 27 degrees in the winter and between 27 and 32 degrees in the summer. It is an incredibly humid heat because it is a country made up of small islands.  

From wet to dry - no problem 

In practice, this means that you often get drenched in sweat during the day, which then dries again quickly when you come inside in the dry, cool airconditioning. What clothes you wear is therefore quite important. 

I pretty much only wear LOOW's 135 t-shirts in my spare time and have 5 different ones I alternate between. When you're used to Danish temperatures, it's probably hard to understand how you can go through the day in the same T-shirt, alternating between being wet from sweat and dry -  but with LOOW's amazing products, it's no problem and I like to wear them for a week between washes. 

Great for diving 

The great thing is that whether the T-shirt is wet or dry, it always feels comfortable. And even in the baking sun, it never feels too hot. I dive a lot and am in the water a lot, and with LOOW's qualities I never need a towel. I just wipe off the worst of the water, or drip off, and then simply put the T-shirt back on and let it soak up the water and dry. Of course, they can get a little stiff from the salt water, but it's never uncomfortable. 

Best T-shirts in the world. I never wear anything else here in the tropics. The t-shirt in the picture is my favorite. Three years old, countless hours in the sun and it's gone from petrol to a cool steel grey. I LOOOWE THEM! 

Henrik wears our T-OSS 135 T-shirts. Find them here