René Holten Poulsen

René Holten Poulsen

René Holten Poulsen is Denmark's leading kayaker and has won medals at the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships, and European Games. René's biggest dream is to become an Olympic champion, and he knows that the path to get there requires hard work and discipline, so he can earn medals at major championships. So far, he has impressed with three world championships and a remarkable six European championships.

René has been a dedicated ambassador for our brand for many years and has integrated our products into his daily routine. Here, you can get an insight into his daily life and see how LOOW products play a role.

Wearing T-OSS 135 in Sand 

Rowing and training

A typical day in my life revolves largely around my sport, but there's also room for other activities.

I usually wake up around 7 AM, have breakfast, and brush my teeth, like most others. Then I drive down to Bagsværd Lake, from where I embark on my training. The duration of the training typically varies depending on the season and my training program and can take between 70 and 120 minutes.

I have tested LOOW clothing on the coldest days in Denmark and the hottest days in Hungary (where the temperature reached around 40 degrees Celsius). Even though it's great to get a nice tan, it's also necessary to protect oneself, and I feel much more comfortable sweating in LOOW clothing than in a regular cotton T-shirt. This is primarily because it's incredibly hard to get rid of heat in cotton. And LOOW clothing is just incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

Wearing ZN-240 in Meteor

House renovation

When I'm not kayaking, I spend a lot of time renovating my house.

It requires care when working in woolen clothing, but as an insulating layer underneath, wool is clearly the best choice. However, I often choose my older LOOW T-shirts, which can handle the hard work.

When the weather is fluctuating, I often make use of the layering principle, which is generally very effective. So, I often put on my Zip Neck. This makes it easier to regulate the body's temperature. This applies to everyday life, sports, and work.

Wearing T-OSS 220 in Racing Green

Work and free time

I also give a few lectures from time to time, and here, I particularly enjoy wearing my 160 Ultrafine T-shirts, which help me feel comfortable and well-dressed. I'm generally someone who runs warm, so wool also plays an important role here.

Due to all my training, renovation work, and professional commitments, I take about 10-14 showers a week and change clothes much more frequently than most people - in fact, 3-4 times a day. It's quite remarkable when you think about it. Therefore, I prefer to keep my clothing choices light and simple, especially when the weather or my surroundings change so much.

Wearing T-OLS 160U Ultrafine in black

In my free time, I also enjoy taking our two dogs for walks in Jonstrup Vang (Hareskoven), which is about 400 meters from our house. As a dog owner, it's a must, of course, but they love it, and so do I.

Ambitions and dreams for the future

My big ambition is to become the world's best rower again and be a good team player, whether I'm rowing alone or with others. Of course, the Olympics are the ultimate goal, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams and ambitions.

Wearing T-OSS 135 in Sand 


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