Terms & conditions - The WOOL Club


 When you are registered for the LOOW customer club, you agree to receive emails from us. 

  • Unsubscribe from emails from us, will result in unsubscribing from the customer club and will no longer receive offers and news from us. Hense the benefits from the customer program no longer applies.
  • Earning status is based on purchases made through our webshop at the address www.loow.com
  • It is only possible for individuals to join the customer club. Companies can not participate.
  • Earning status relates to one customer profile, which is based on the email address with which the purchases were made. Status can only be based on one email address.
  • Multiple accounts cannot be merged. Example: A family cannot use three purchases on three different customer profiles to achieve higher customer status on one of the profiles. The same applies at the individual level, if the purchase is made with 2 email addresses, but in the same name, the earning will thus take place on two accounts. These cannot be merged into one.
  • Earnings for higher status are based on the amount paid. 10,- DKK converts to 1 point. Discounts and refunds are subtracted from this amount, and the points earned. The account status follows, the points. 
  • Points and status are valid based on purchases the previous 4 years. 
  • LOOW reserves the right to make an individual assessment if there is a suspicion of abuse of rights or accrual thereof. Your rights may be revoked after such an assessment.
    • There is an extra cost for personally customizing products of DKK 300 / item.
    • The introduction discount applies to all members of the WOOL fan club, on the initial order after joining membership to the loyalty program. THe discount can be used once per customer.

    There is no binding as a LOOW customer club member, you can terminate your membership at any time. After the termination, you lose access to your benefits. You terminate your membership below via your LOOW customer profile on loow.com. You can also terminate your membership by contacting our customer service via email at wool@loow.com or by phone: +45 3162 5331. Upon termination of your membership, you will receive a confirmation per. e-mail. Once you have received a confirmation of termination of your membership, you can consider your membership as terminated.

    Change of terms
    We reserve the right to change the terms for earning the status and use of benefits for the membership. Including changing all membership benefits, in the form of phasing out benefits and introducing new ones. Significant changes to LOOW's customer club will be notified in writing to the email address provided. It is therefore important that you make sure to update your contact information under your LOOW customer profile on loow.com.

    The conditions for the customer club were last updated on 01.10.2021

    Processing of your personal data
    For the processing of personal data collected in connection with your membership LOOW's customer club, please refer to the section "Privacy Policy" in the Terms and Conditions.