Multifunctional Merino Wool

Multifunctional Merino Wool

For thousands of years, wool has evolved to better protect the body and skin - and merino wool seems to have had free rein in this regard. Merino wool is not like the wool you know. It doesn't scratch, but is soft and comfortable. Merino wool absorbs moisture, minimizes odor, regulates body temperature, and much more. It adapts to its surroundings and can be used year-round, regardless of weather and season. Therefore, merino wool is suitable for an active and versatile lifestyle, as it can theoretically accompany you from the office to the wilderness. Dive into the fine properties of merino wool and free your day with clothing and accessories from LOOW.



Merino wool is naturally thermoregulatory and retains heat even when wet. Conversely, merino wool also has the ability to transport heat and sweat away from the body and thus have a cooling effect on hot summer days. Therefore, LOOW clothing and accessories can be used year-round, regardless of weather and season.


Merino wool absorbs moisture and feels dry against the skin. Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight without feeling wet. This means that clothing does not feel sticky or clammy against the skin after a sweaty bike ride. If you suffer from eczema, merino wool can also have a beneficial effect. Read more here.


LOOW clothing and accessories do not scratch, but are soft and comfortable. Merino wool is up to eight times thinner than human hair and therefore much thinner than the ordinary wool you know.


If you also experience that several of your T-shirts end up smelling of sweat, merino wool is your new best friend. Merino wool has much less odor than other textiles, as fewer odor-causing bacteria are formed.


Merino wool dries just as quickly on the clothesline as on the body, takes up little space and weight in the backpack, and can therefore accompany you from everyday life to adventure without having to change clothes along the way.


Merino wool does not need to be washed as often as other clothing. It does not develop odors as quickly, and you can often use the same clothing 5-10 times before washing it. If your LOOW clothing or accessories need a refresh, you can air it out outdoors overnight or give it a quick hand wash. The merino wool will do the rest. Read more about washing and caring for LOOW clothing and accessories.


Merino wool's individual fibers can be bent and stretched in any direction up to 30,000 times without damage. This natural elasticity makes LOOW clothing and accessories both comfortable, sturdy, and durable.


Merino wool captures the color deep inside the wool fibers, making it very difficult to bleach the clothes in the wash. The natural elasticity of merino wool also ensures that the shape is retained, so your LOOW clothing can be used for several seasons. Read more about washing and caring for LOOW clothing and accessories.


Merino wool has sun protection equivalent to 30+, making it ideal as extra protection on the beach promenade or ski slope.


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