Care guide

The fabric is Total Easy Care treated, making it resistant to shrinking and fading even when machine washing. But as the Merino fabric doesn't develop much odor, washing is not needed regularly. In this guide, we describe our recommendations to washing and caring.


The simple wash

1. Soak

2. Rinse

3. Squeeze

4. Hang dry

1. Use 1 tbsp. of wool detergent for 1 liter of water
2. Let the T-shirt soak for 5-10 min
3. Rinse & squeeze out the water
4. Dry on a hanger


This is the most important step in taking good care of your Merino T-shirt. Regular washing detergent contains enzymes that break down organic structures. These enzymes are good at removing stains, but they also destroys the organic structure of wool fibres. 

We recommend, that you use a Lanolin based washing detergent. Lanolin is a natural content of wool and is the main benefit of the wool fabric, including the ability to break down odour.  You can also use normal wool detergent or a small amount of shampoo or body soap. 


You can Iron the T-shirt on heat setting  ●● (Wool/Silk). Using steam is recommended. 

Machine washing & Tumble Drying

Wash inside out, use a protective wash/net bag, wool detergent and wool program with low speed centrifugation. Recommended temperature is 30-40°C (86-104°F). Socks and boxers can be washed at 60°C (140°F).

When tumble drying use cold air or max. 30°C (86°F). It is bit harder on the fabric, so a shorter life time should be expected. We recommend drying on a hanger.


The best way to dry your T-shirt is on a wide hanger, that is long enough to support both shoulders. This prevents wrinkles around the neck line and makes the T-shirt look it's best. 

A special thing with wool is that it will keep it's shape after drying, until the next time it is washed. Meaning if the T-shirt was folded or wrinkled when wet, the folds and wrinkles will remain until next wash.

Do not dry in direct sunlight, as this can make the T-shirt fade over time.


FAQ & T-shirt first aid


How often is washing needed?
It depends on how you use the T-shirt, but typically for every 5-7 days you wear it. Otherwise if it seems dirty, wash it :)

Why should I avoid machine washing
Wool is not as durable as other fabrics, small holes might appear after machine washing. Be aware of zippers and big buttons on other items when washing.

My T-shirt has a bump on the shoulder?
It is probably from the hanger. Use one that is a bit wider and extends to the shoulders. Give it a wash and the bump disappears. 

I have small threads hanging out below the T-shirt
When machine washing a small amount of fabric (0,5-1mm), that is not covered by the seam in the bottom of the T-shirt, can loosen. It is safe to cut these away, it won't affect the quality and lifetime of the T-shirt.

There are small holes in my T-shirt
It is either caused from washing the T-shirt with regular detergent, moth or machine washing with zippers or big buttons. If the holes have not developed in size, they can usually be repaired.

My T-shirt has wrinkles around the neck
It might be caused from the way the T-shirt was dried. Try using a wide hanger. You can also iron the T-shirt, see instructions above.

My T-shirt is starting to smell
You can do a normalt machine wash with regular detergent, it will efficiently remove the smell. The smell can be caused by wearing the T-shirts next to other fabrics that develop odor.

I have white marks under the arms
If it is caused by deodorant the strains can be removed by soaking the T-shirt for 3-4 hours in regular clear vinegar. Do a normal wash. If the strains do not disappear, repeat the process.

The T-shirt twists
This is normal for wool, and very difficult to avoid in the manufacturing process. It can be reduced by drying it in the right shape. The twist will be reduced a lot after some hours of wearing.

My T-shirt have faded
Merino wool can fade after long time exposure to direct sunlight. If you do not like the patina the products get, you can use most regular fabric dyes to refresh the color.

I still have problems
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are almost always available and here to help you out. Contact us by chat, email or phone.