Merino wool for ski season

Merino wool for ski season

Unleash your inner Ingemar Stenmark with merino wool that works - on the slopes, in the lift and for afterskiing.  

Ski season is upon us, so we've rounded up the most useful products that will ensure warmth, comfort and, most importantly, the right functionality to make your ski holiday even better. 

Alpine skiing in particular, puts high demands on your clothing and equipment, so it's important to wear the right things. Our clothes needs to keep us warm when we're sitting still in a cold lift on the way up the mountain, and at the same time let the heat out when we run fast down the mountain and starts to sweat. At the same time, we need to be able to move freely, be light and flexible. How? With merino wool in layers!   

At the bottom of this page you can also read why merino wool is so great when skiing and when our specific fabrics fabrics are most useful to wear. 

Our functional fabrics

135 Lightweight

A good thin and airy fabric that works well as a baselayer if you are skiing in a slightly warmer place or tend to sweat

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220 Heavy Duty

Our most recommended fabric as a base layer. The slightly thicker merino fabric will ensure you stay warm all day on the mountain

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240 Loop back

A highly functional fabric that works well as a middle layer under a jacket. The fabric can easily both retain and release heat

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Why you should wear merino wool on your skiing vacation

Keeps you warm on the lift, when sweaty

The natural temperature-regulating properties of wool really comes in handy on skiing vacation, due to the constant shift between high and low activity.

Merino wool will keep you warm and dry when you're sitting still in the lift, just after you've run fast down the slopes and worked up a sweat.

Stay fresh for afterski

Part of the charm of being on a ski holiday is wearing the same clothes the whole week.

However, at the end of the week when the smell of sweat comes off, it is not very nice.

This is where merino wool comes in handy, as it keeps you smelling great all week and you won't need to wash. 

Use it season after season

A lot of the typical ski underwear tends to scratch when used as the inner layer directly against the skin. It will also often lose its shape after one or two days of wear.

Our soft and comfortable merino wool does not scratch against the skin and keeps its shape all week.