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Thin wool T-shirts are excellent in hot weather

Moisture is wicked away efficiently, so the fabric doesn't feel clammy against your skin. Merino wool has a high evaporation rate, which has a cooling effect. As sweat is transported away and evaporates, no bad odors are produced.

Try our 135g merino clothes for men or women, for a luxerious, soft and comfortable summer.

Our quality merino wool fabrics are knitted in Denmark.
We purchase and manufacture everything within EU, as close to Denmark as possible.
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Merino WOOL

Our products are constructed from the finest ethically sourced, mulesing free, merino wool. It has an exclusive look and feels great. Merino wool has many natural properties that make it suitable for clothes that are worn next to the skin.

- Merino wool doesn't itch
- It's temperature regulating
- Keeps you odor free longer
- Require less washing

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