Mens merino clothing

The performance of elite outdoor and activewear in a minimalistic design.

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  • Mens merino T-shirts

    Clothes you want to wear every day.

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  • T-OSS 170P Airknit®
    T-OSS 170P Airknit®
  • T-OSS 220 O-neck
    T-OSS 220 O-neck
  • TT-135 Tank Top
    TT-135 Tank Top
  • T-VSS 220 V-neck
    T-VSS 220 V-neck
  • T-OSS 135 O-NECK
    T-OSS 135 O-NECK
  • T-OSS 200 White
    T-OSS 200 White
  • T-OSS 160U Ultrafine
    T-OSS 160U Ultrafine


100% merino wool, knitted in Denmark

  • Womens Merino

    Made from our luxuriously soft Italian yarn and merino wool (mulesing-free) from New Zealand. 

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  • W-135 O-neck
    W-135 O-neck
  • W-135 V-neck
    W-135 V-neck
  • W-135 Longsleeve
    W-135 Longsleeve
  • WSD-260 Stretch dress
    WSD-260 Stretch dress
  • D-135 Merino Dress
    D-135 Merino Dress
  • WRT-135 Reversible Top
    WRT-135 Reversible Top
  • ZN-240 Womens Zip Neck
    ZN-240 Womens Zip Neck

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  • 2x Merino Boxers B-180
    2x Merino Boxers B-180
  • 3x NSS-60 Socks
    mens merino no show socks, footie
  • 3x S-70 Socks
    mens merino socks reinforced
  • 3x HS-80 Socks
    3x HS-80 Socks

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