Set yourself free

Experience the comfort of merino wool

Mads Ingwar - The art of simplicity

I’m not very good at - or interested in - buying things, and the things I do buy need to deliver what I expect from them. In my wardrobe you will find four t-shirts, four shirts, and two suits, and I love the idea of wearing my favourite clothes every day.




Wear in the wild

Worth every penny! Fits a broad domain of settings and activities due to the unique combination of style and function. 

Frederik Nygaard

Excellent product, quick shipping and no nonsense! Will easily become your favorite garment that you wear all the time.

Friðrik Örn Guðmundsson

Seldom product marketing meets reality. A product created with passion, love to wear it...

Ulrik Van Schepdael

Very goodlooking and comfortable shirt that suits every occasion, from the hike to the party...

Per Danielsson

Great products, great people. The shirts aren't cheap but then something worth having rarely is...

Steve Hocking