The WOOL Club


  • 10% discount on your first order
  • Unique member products


  • 15% discount on 135, 200 and 220 T-shirts
  • Unique member products
  • Access to Pre-releases:
    • Limited Editions
    • New Arrivals
When you have more than 250 points


  • 20% discounnt on all tops (T-shirts, Polo, Zip-neck, Sleeveless)
  • Buy personally fitted T-shirts
  • Unique member products
  • Access to Pre-releases:
  • Discount on:
    • Discontinued products
    • Samples and prototypes
  • And more secret benefits and products
When you have more than 1.000 points
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The Wool Club is a free, no-obligation benefit for new and returning LOOW customers where your purchases are rewarded with multiple discounts, limited editions and other unique features.

We want to reward our most loyal customers, you who wear our clothes all the time, with the most benefits. There are 3 membership levels, based on the amount of points you have earned - you earn 10 points for every DKK 100 you have shopped for during the last 4 years.


When you are 'Fan' 

Get 10% discount on your first order

We welcome you to The WOOL Club with a 10% discount on your first order. The discount applies to all products at our website, and can be used once. * 

Special member products

As a member of The WOOL Club, you have acces to unique clothing. Designed uniquely for members. 


When you are 'Loyal'  

15% discount on T-shirts

You get a discount on all 135 and 220 T-shirts for men and women. 

Early access to new products

When we receive new products at our warehouse, we almost always add them to our webshop before we are ready to launch them. As an experienced WOOL Club member who knows and trusts our products, we make them available to you immediately.


When you are 'Royal'

For those of you who have surrendered to merino wool and probably never wears anything else. 


20% discount on all tops

You can order all our T-shirts, dresses, polos, shirts, Limited Editions etc. with a 20% discount.  

Order personalized T-shirts

We know you have extensive experience with our T-shirts and pay attention to details, the fit, comfort and materials. And that you have high demands for the clothes you wear. If you want T-shirts that are shorter, longer or a neckline that is larger or smaller, you can order this directly from our sewing facility. Almost anything is possible, as long as the starting point is one of our current products. **

Access to discontinued products, samples and prototypes

We sometimes have products in surplus when a color is replaced or sold out, or a new generation arrives. If you enjoyed these editions, you can order them at a reduced price. You may also be lucky to find prototypes and clothes that have never been put into production.


Secret benefits

Maybe something big, maybe something small?


How to earn points

You get 10 points for every DKK 100 (13.5 €) you have shopped for at, during the last 4 years. Hopefully we will add more ways for you to earn points in the future.
Read the terms and conditions of the WOOL club.


* The discount can not be combined with other offers or discounts. The discount cannot be applied to orders that have been shipped.
** There is a supplement of DKK 300 per T-shirt which is personalized.