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      We're probably a bit nerdy with merino wool and the textiles. We are excited about the material and the different properties we can bring out. As a result of this, we have a broad selection of different versions.

      Our light and very airy textiles are great if you are the type who often feels too warm and have difficulty finding clothes you feel comfortable in. The stronger and more durable textiles are for you who want a T shirt you can wear every day, without worrying about it.

      220 series (Superfine) - Densely knitted for adventures in all climates. Regular fit.
      180w/s - Wool/Silk T-shirt refined for sporty or neat dressing. Same fit as 135-series.
      160U Ultrafine - The most luxurious merino wool available. Athletic fit
      135 series (Lightweight) - High performance lightweight T-shirts for warm environments and sports. Athletic fit.

      What's the difference?

      Our merino fabrics