Women's merino clothes, by fabric


      We're probably a bit nerdy with merino wool and the fabrics. We are excited about the material and the different properties we can bring out. 

      Our light and very airy 135 textile are great if you often feel too warm and have difficulty finding clothes you feel comfortable in. The stronger and more durable 220 fabric are for you who want a T shirt you can wear every day, without worrying about it.

      We do merino clothes for women in different textiles, so you can always find something that matches your needs.
      135g lightweight - Thin and light T-shirts to wear as an undershirt, for sports and indoor use. We also make dresses and tops in this fabric.
      220g Superfine - Stronger and warmer T-shirts, with a slightly looser fit, for everyday use.
      260g Stretch - A rib fabric that is extra flexible, we make dresses and tops in this.