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About LOOW

LOOW is a Danish clothing brand with locally and responsibly made clothes in comfortable and temperature regulating merino wool of high quality. We design timeless and versatile clothing that set the day free

Why merino wool?

Merino wool absorbs moisture, minimizes odor, regulates body temperature, and much more. It adapts to its surroundings and can be used year-round, regardless of weather and season

Loow story

Here you will be able to read exciting stories from inspiring people who have included LOOW in a project or an adventure and shared their experiences with us


We know it can be a challenge to choose the ideal T-shirt, boxer shorts or socks that are both comfortable and functional. It doesn't get any easier when we offer a variety of options. Here you can find different guides


If you have questions regarding shipping, returns, care of your LOOW products or other questions, you may find answers to your questions here


Here you'll find our best advice. Among other things, you'll find good reasons to bring merino wool on your ski vacation, a layering guide, ideas for things to do during summer vacation and much more.