Responsible consumption

We make products with the design, quality and durability to last for years, contributing to more responsible use of our collective resources. That's why we also prioritize taking care of our products and taking responsibility for the consumption process, respecting the product and its origin. Here you can read our recommendations for responsible consumption and tips for extending the life of your LOOW products.


By investing in a few good basics in your wardrobe, you can minimize your consumption. This way, we hope to help change the buying-culture in a direction where we buy less, but better and more consciously. We also want us, as consumers, to use the products we have more.

That's why it's worth researching and considering which products are right for you and your needs before you purchase anything. Our signature product is our 135 T-shirts and the good qualities of wool really come through in this product. Therefore this will maybe be a good place to start. You can read more about selecting your first LOOW T-shirt here. And you can even take our test here to find a T-shirt that suits your needs.

To help you make the right decision, feel free to test our products in your everyday life before you decide within 30 days. This way you can make sure the product is right for you and your needs - so you get the most out of your product for years to come. We take back unused clothing at any time, no matter when it was purchased.



As part of our commitment to product stewardship, the consumption process is important to consider throughout the life of the T-shirt. 

This means, for example, wearing your newest and nicest T-shirts for finer use under a blazer, or just for yourself. As time goes by and the T-shirt gets more and more wear, it can be prioritized to wear for a workout, under a shirt or a thick knit sweater so you still have that nice merino wool against your skin. After years of use and love, it may show on the T-shirt but that's no reason to throw it away. It can be used here for sleeping, gardening or whatever you need.



To get the most use out of products and therefore extend their life as much as possible, it's important to look after them. It's very important to us that you take good care of your LOOW clothes and care that they last a long time.

How to wash your LOOW products
The natural properties of merino wool mean that your LOOW products don't need washing nearly as often as other clothes, and you can often get away with airing them. (Maybe some environment). When the time comes to wash your LOOW products this should be done in the right way - you can find a detailed guide on how to wash your LOOW products here. In addition you can find tips on how to remove more stubborn stains and spots here.

How do I repair a hole in my LOOW product?
Small holes can be easily repaired. But make sure you get it done as soon as you notice them - they get bigger after washing and further use. If the hole is due to a fault in the garment, we will of course exchange it for a new product.
We can recommend this video for repairing small holes.