How to pack lightly for the Camino

Why you should bring clothes made of merino wool

Hiking the Camino is an unforgettable experience, embarking on a journey filled with adventure, reflection, and personal growth. That's why your luggage and clothing should be the last thing on your mind. In collaboration with @camino_brothers_dk, here you will find tips and inspiration for your journey towards the Camino.

"It's invaluable to put on clothes every morning that you know will withstand the day's stage, no matter what it brings. Wool doesn't smell, regulates temperature, and is both comfortable to wear and looks good."


Reasons to pack clothes in merino wool

It's a good idea to pack clothes made of merino wool when hiking the Camino for several reasons:

  • Overcome changing temperatures: The Camino has varying temperatures from morning to evening and from lowlands to highlands. Merino wool helps keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.
  • Stay dry: When hiking for long periods, sweating is inevitable. Merino wool is very effective at absorbing and releasing moisture, which means it helps keep you dry and comfortable when sweating during the hike. It is also quick-drying, making it easy to wash and dry clothes on the go.
  • Pack light: When carrying your gear on your journey, it's essential to have lightweight and space-saving equipment. Merino wool is a lightweight material that frees up space for other necessary items, so you don't need to pack as much.
  • Odorless for days and weeks: Merino wool has natural antibacterial properties that help reduce odor. This means you can wear the same clothes for longer periods without worrying about bad smells, which is an advantage when hiking for several days or weeks.
  • The long run: When wearing the same clothes for a long time, it's important that it feels good. Merino wool is soft and comfortable against the skin and reduces the risk of irritation and itching, which can sometimes occur with synthetic materials or traditional wool.

Lightweight hiking the Camino


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