Merino wool

Often the material that clothes are made from doesn't get much attention, but for us it's the most important thing.We focus on selecting and developing the most comfortable and functional fabrics that make the clothes a delight to wear no matter what the day brings.

That's the reason why merino wool is the main component in all our products. Merino wool is, in our opinion, the finest and most functional textile available. That's why we believe merino wool can contribute to a greater sense of joy and freedom in your everyday life, where you don't have to worry about the clothes you're wearing.

The benefits of merino wool are many - we've gathered 10 of them below.


1. Merino wool absorbs moisture and feels dry against the skin
Wool can, as one of the only materials, transport moisture in vapor form. Making it more breathable than most fabrics. Wool effectively transports fluid away from the skin, just as some synthetic materials do.
Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight without feeling wet. It don't feel moist to the skin when sweating. Synthetic and cotton feel wet after absorbing less than 7%.

In fact, wearing merino wool has been shown to have a positive benefit if you suffer from eczema. Read more here.

2. Merino wool is warm at all times
The natural slightly curly structure, made of the wool fiber itself, makes the fabric airy and able to store heat. Since merino wool is so effective at transporting moisture away from the skin, it will feel warm even when soaked.

3. Merino wool actively cools the body
Merino wool can absorb moisture in the fiber itself. When your body warms up, the stored water will evaporate. The cooling effect of evaporation, the transition from liquid to vapor, is very effective.

4. Merino wool is not itchy
The merino wool fibers are up to 8 times thinner than a human hair and much thinner than ordinary wool. The fabrics therefore feel soft and comfortable against the skin.

5. Merino wool makes you smells less
Naturally, far fewer odor-causing bacteria are formed in merino wool. The fat acid lanolin breaks down bacteria and wool's moisture-absorbing ability creates a dry environment where bacteria do not thrive.

6. Merino wool dries quickly
Merino wool dries as quickly as other materials of similar weight. The thinner the fabric the faster it will dry.

7. Merino wool requires less washing
The need to wash merino wool is far less than other materials as it do not develop odors as quickly. Often you can wear the same clothes 5-10 times. Hangin it outside overnight or a quick hand wash is usually enough to make the clothes fresh again.

8. Merino wool is naturally elastic
Merino wool is made from the same proteins as our hair, which means it's a very strong material. The individual fibres can be bent and stretched in any direction up to 30,000 times without damage, meaning the fabric is durable and designed for movement. The natural elasticity makes the garment comfortable to move in, making the addition of lycra or spandex unnecessary.

9. Merino wool keeps its colour in the wash
As the wool fibers absorb the colors completely into the fibers, they do not bleach in the wash. Cotton does not absorb the color and is only dyed on the outside of the fiber, making it fabe by washing. However, like most other materials, merino wool will bleach in sunlight.

10. Merino wool is natural UV protection
All clothing protects against the sun's harsh UV rays, but ordinary clothing only protects your skin to the equivalent of factor 10 or 15, which is on the low end.
Merino wool, on the other hand, has the equivalent of 30+ protection - quite high protection against the sun's rays.