4 trips you can take between Christmas and New Year

4 trips you can take between Christmas and New Year


Denmark has a lot to offer - even in winter - and a place like Møn is a magica placel to visit. People flock to the island in southern Zealand time and time again, and for good reason.

Because although Møn is a small island, there are actually plenty of great opportunities, whether you're visiting with children, with friends or on your own. Møn is a creative place that has attracted many interesting people, which has also left its mark on the island's range of activities and diverse culture. So while the beautiful and rugged scenery is the main attraction on Møn, there is also plenty to do in the small, cosy towns on the island. Here are our suggestions for what to do when you visit the island.


There's no getting around the fact that the cliff is what Møn is best known for, and what most people travel there to see. And it's easy to understand why. Along the 7 km long and 128 m high cliff, you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea in shades of blue and green, which contrast strikingly with the white chalk and light green beech trees. A 267-meter boardwalk has been built at the top of the cliff, with several viewpoints where you can enjoy the breathtaking view, even if you have difficulty walking, have a pram or similar.

At the “Maglevands” stairs, you can descend the 497 steps to the beach, where you will get the overwhelming view of the cliff's vertical white chalk walls from below.

One of the most fascinating things about Møns Klint is the light and atmosphere, which changes throughout the year - but also just during the day - so you can have a new experience every time you visit.

Fun facts: Denmark's oldest beech trees stand in the forest behind the cliff, and the world's fastest animal - the peregrine falcon - breeds on Møns Klint, one of the few places in Denmark. So if you're lucky, you might catch sight of the bird hunting by the cliff at 300 km/h.


If you have children with you, or find it interesting yourself, you can look for fossils at Møns Klint, which hides many ancient relics from the past. The calcareous subsoil has fossils of many extinct species that lived there around 70 million years ago.


One of the most unique things you can experience on Møn is the impressive starry sky, which has just been named the first Dark Sky Park in the Nordic countries. This means that the area's night sky is protected from local light pollution - resulting in the clearest view of millions of twinkling stars reflected in the sea in the darkness and silence of the night. On some days you can even see the Milky Way.

It's a huge experience, and there's good reason to go to Møn and see Dark Sky in winter, as this is where the darkest hours are!


Although Møns Klint gets most of the attention, the “Camøno” also offers great possibilities for hiking or long bike rides.

The “Camøno” is 175 km long and takes you all the way around Møn - but you can of course take shorter day routes and use the paths for smaller walks. See the different hiking routes and experiences on Camønoen on their website

“Klintekongens Rige”, the new walking route around Møns Klint, has been voted Europe's best walking route. The route offers Denmark's most free and wild nature in the hilly and variegated landscape that characterizes ‘Høje Møn’ best. A 14.5 km hike with 477 meters of elevation gain.


If you fancy a bit of a cozy danish town atmosphere, head to Stege town, which is undoubtedly worth a visit. As one of Denmark's oldest market towns, it offers plenty of interesting history, beautiful art, local markets and various museums to visit.


There are many great options for accommodation on Møn, and it all depends on what you want to stay close to and what your budget is. If you want to rent privately, you can find good accommodation for cheap prices on Airbnb, and otherwise there are options for hotels, motels or cozy bed and breakfasts, of which there are plenty on Møn.


With just a three and a half hour drive from Copenhagen, or five hours from Frederikshavn, a trip to Isaberg is a great thing to do between Christmas and New Year!

Isaberg is southern Sweden's largest ski resort, offering 11 slopes for free skiing for the inexperienced, the beginner or the skilled slalom skier. There are both green slopes for the kids and black slopes for the experienced. Here you will find a map of the whole area with slopes and lifts.

It's a good idea to pre-order ski passes as they offer a limited number per day. Prices for one-day passes cost 145 SEK for children and 410 SEK for adults. See the full price list and book in advance here. Information on ski rental can be found right here. In addition, there is the possibility to join a ski school and get your techniques honed, for just 275 SEK per person.


Whether you choose to ski for a single day or several, the resort offers various accommodation options. For example, you can sleep in a cozy cabin with a short distance to the slopes, and in case of heavy snowfall, there is a "ski-in" from most of the cabins. Prices start from 1800 SEK and you can get the full overview of Isaberg's cabins and book here


The trip to Isaberg can offer more than just skiing. For those who want to try winter bathing, you can rent a sauna raft on the lake in Isaberg for just SEK 600 for 2 hours. From the sauna you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the lake. Book sauna online here


In addition to the wonderful skiing experience, Isaberg also gives you the opportunity to experience wild moose! Here you also have the opportunity to visit the six-hectare moose park where free-ranging moose live, much as they would in the wild.


If you've never visited Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, a little weekend getaway during the Christmas holidays is an obvious idea. Indeed, the charming old capital is extra cozy and festive during the Christmas months, when the city boasts huge light installations, countless Christmas markets, outdoor ice skating and atmospheric bars and pubs, where you should of course have 'a wee bit of whisky'. Read more right here.

Then, of course, there's the city's interesting cultural history, which opens up days of discovery in its ancient castles, narrow lanes, historic monuments and many other gems.


Edinburgh is a big city with a lot to offer, especially if you are interested in history. The hilly center of Edinburgh is split in two by the wide, green expanse of Princes Street Gardens. To the south, the view is dominated by Edinburgh Castle, built high on Castle Rock, and the Old Town, which runs down towards Holyrood Palace. To the north is Princes Street and the New Town. It is obvious to see the classic tourist sites such as The Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, National Museum of Scotland, The Palace of Holyroodhouse, The churches of St. Giles - and although they are touristy sites, they are undoubtedly worth a visit.

Our advice, however, would be not to plan too much - and instead just go and experience the city. Edinburgh isn't a huge city, so there's plenty of opportunity to walk around much of the city in just a day - and with its old buildings and small, hilly streets that almost look like a scene out of 'Harry Potter', it's one of the most charming and pleasant cities to wander around - especially in winter.

Pop into a local pub for a 'Hagis' and a pint. We can recommend the unique, fun and authentic little pub 'Dirty Dicks' located at 159 Rose Street. If you're looking for a good place to have dinner or a whisky tasting - a so-called 'whisky flight' - we recommend the 'Whiski Rooms' located at 4-7 N Bank St. overlooking Princes Street. If you visit it's a must to order the popular Scottish dessert "STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING with salted caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream - it's a little bite of heaven.


If you stay in Edinburgh to celebrate New Year, or 'Hogmanay' as the Scots call it, you can experience the famous Hogmanay festival - a 3-day celebration of the new year which, since 1993, has grown to become one of the largest outdoor New Year celebrations in the world. There are lots of different things going on at the festival and plenty to do. Some of the things to do include a huge street party, light concert in St. Giles Cathedral, various outdoor concerts, torchlight parade and fireworks display. If you're the morning fresh type you can also start 2023 with an ice cold morning dip in the River Forth, along with a lot of fresh Scots who also do the so-called "Loony Dook" on January 1st.

You can read much more about the events and buy tickets here.


There are many great options for Accommodation in Edinburgh and it is possible to book both hotels or an Airbnb at reasonable prices.

Flight tickets

Like most other places, flights to Edinburgh are a bit more expensive during the Christmas holidays, but you can still get it for a reasonable price around 1700 DKK round trip. Find your flight tickets here.

If you have the opportunity to stay in Scotland for a longer period of time and want to get out of the city a bit, the Scottish Highlands are a great place to visit, offering some of the most beautiful scenery and an authentic insight into Scottish culture. Here, however, we'd recommend renting a car and setting aside at least 5 days for a road trip. Take one-day or multi-day hikes in the Glencoe valley and head to the Isle of Skye, the largest island in the Inner Hebrides (the westernmost part of Scotland). There's something quite magnificent about standing on the northernmost point of the Isle of Skye, where there are long distances between the small houses and sheep roaming the roads - a feeling of standing at the end of the world. Also a must is a visit to the iconic rock pillar 'Old man of Storr' - a bit of a tough hike but well worth it, and the quaint harbor town of Portree.


Our beautiful country, Denmark, is surrounded by water, and that also means we're surrounded by a sea of small Danish islands that most of us have never visited. In fact, there are 400 named Danish islands, 72 of which are inhabited, and 48 of which can be reached by ferry. It also means that no matter where you live in the country, there's an island just around the corner, with exciting experiences and new adventures.

So why not spend your Christmas holidays visiting one of the Danish islands you've never been to? You can find inspiration for which island to visit right here, where you can read about what's happening on the different islands and what there is to see and experience.