Customer stories

  • Lars - You only live once, so follow your dreams

    A degree from CBS (Copenhagen Business School), and a position as senior contract manager of marketing advisory in a bank is countered by an educat...
  • Nordic Overland - We love to travel

    And when we travel, we prefer to do it as Overlanders. The classic way! With our Land Rover Defender and our South African expedition trailer. ...
  • In The Desert - In Wool

    As a scuba diver, journalist, and photographer, my work often takes me to off-the-beaten path places. Recently, one such place was Jordan. There to...
  • Daniel Paarup - More than just a fashion statement

    Daniel Paarup initially started out wanting to be a fighter pilot. He sent in his application to the Air Force and made it through the initial process, but ended up failing his very last tests.

  • Traveling the world

    We decided to leave our jobs and travel for 6 months before settling down with children etc. Our travels take us to the East and West of Canada, th...
  • Mads Ingwar - The art of simplicity

    Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and self-learning algorithms are the main components of Mads Ingwar's work life. His leisure time is spent wandering and climbing the Irish wasteland, wearing shirts from LOOW for both. For him, the keyword is simplicity.

  • Keno Peer - A life worth living

    22-year-old German Keno Peer lives a life many would probably envy; he is a photographer and style icon, travels the world and as a musician he recently opened for Rihanna with his best friend Nick Yume. But for Keno the most important things in life are quite different – he studies economics, have big plans of changing the school system in his home country and he loves the simple things most.
  • Iver Rosenkrantz - Geared for adventure

    The everyday life of Iver Rosenkrantz is something very special. He makes his living by mining and selling precious gemstones. His mine is located deep in Tanzania's hot, humid jungle, which demands for a high standard of equipment and clothing. That’s why he has chosen LOOW's merino T-shirts.
  • Kasper - I feel, I can change people's lives

    No one would have expected Kasper Jæger to end up as a guide for adventurers and scientists on both poles of the globe. But spending one summer in Greenland changed his plans forever. Today, the 30-year-old Dane lives amongst icebergs and penguins - always dressed in LOOWs merino wool, the only thing that works in that type of harsh climate.
  • Christoffer - In the snow, I feel free

    Christoffer Vorre has done what many people dream of - he makes a living doing what he loves: Skiing. In the white powder snow, he has found freedom and a more simple life - a philosophy he shares with LOOW, which is his favorite T-shirt brand.

  • Dogsled patrolling with Sirius in -40°C

    Founded in 1950, the dogsled patrol is a small Danish special unit attached to the Navy, guarding the area of Northeast Greenland. Its purpose is t...
  • Hans Martin - Stauning Whisky

    We have met one of our customers, Hans Martin Hansgaard, who is one of the founders of Stauning Whisky. On the West coast of Jutland in the city of Stauning, they make world class whisky, which is sold out as fast as they can produce it. We were lucky the day we met, that Hans Martin had brought plenty of whisky with him. It was an interesting afternoon with lots of great talks about watches, bicycles and of course merino wool and whisky.