How to best dress for autumn's changing weather: the layer-on-layer concept

How to best dress for autumn's changing weather: the layer-on-layer concept

Autumn is an amazing time. The buzz and bustle of summer has slowly faded down, and the calmness and peace can be felt in the crisp, cold air. Nature's most colorful season is here, and there's no better time to get out and enjoy nature and all it has to offer this time of year.

The innermost layer

The most important thing about the inner layer, or baselayer as it's often called, is that it can effectively wick moisture away from the skin so you don't get cold and sweaty. What you wear on the inside plays an incredibly important role in whether you'll be able to stay warm, dry and comfortable throughout a day when your activity level may variate. Wool has fantastic moisture wicking properties, making it ideal to wear right next to your skin.

As an inner layer, we would recommend our long-sleeved 135 T-shirts, as they are both thin and relatively close-fitting they can quickly absorb moisture and keep you dry and warm. As it is made of 100% wool, you also get the full effect of the wool's good properties. 

If it's really cold, you can use several layers, which in many cases will work better than one thick layer. Combine a long-sleeved merino T-shirt with a short-sleeved T-shirt, like T-OSS 220 or W-220 Short Sleeve.

Photo: @christinebonde.
Christine is wearing our merino T-shirt W-135 Long sleeve in color Oxblood. Morten is wearing our T-OSS 135 merino T-shirt in color Forest. 

 You can wear our merino underwear under your baselayer.

For men, our B-180 merino boxers are a perfect choice as they are close fitting and will therefore help maintain a comfortable climate, regulate temperature and quickly absorb moisture out to your baselayer. 

For women, our Soft Bra and merino Hipsters are a great choice. In addition to the great properties of the merino wool and the high comfort level of the set, both bra and hipsters are equipped with an elastic band, which makes sure everything stays in place, no matter what activity you partake during the day. 


The middle layer

The middle layer has several tasks. It must be able to insulate against the cold and thus keep you warm, but also be able to transport excess heat and moisture away from the body. Unlike the inner layer, the middle layer should be thicker and fit looser since it creates a better air circulation.

Here we recommend our merino Zip Neck, which has some of the best thermoregulating properties, of all the fabrics we have tested. This is because the back of the fabric is made up of loops, which means that a proportion of the fibres are perpendicular to the skin - just like fur is. The vertical air channels allow the textile to easily dissipate excess heat. You will therefore find that the sweater is neither too hot nor too cold. 

On the bottom, our matching merino sweatpants in the same textile will work super well as a middle layer. 

The middle layer can of course be adjusted according to the wind and weather conditions of the day.  

Photo: Rasmus Oestergaard (@Oestergaard_outdoors) who wears our merino Zip Neck here. 


The outer layer

The outer layer is the layer that keeps out the wind and weather, i.e. it must be windproof, waterproof and breathable. We do not have a product that is perfect for the outer layer, but recommend that you find a good environment friendly shell jacket with a breathable membrane.

Additional items

Once you've got the three layers down, it's a good idea to start thinking about what to wear on your feet, on your head and around your neck.

On your feet

It's important to wear good socks in the autumn to keep your feet dry and warm all day. If you are cold, your body will react by cutting off the blood supply to your feet, toes and fingers. That's why they're the first ones at risk of getting cold and need the extra warmth.

Our merino HS-80 wool socks are great for this purpose. The bottom of the sock of thicker terry, which protects the foot, warms and provides ultra great comfort. At the same time, the top of the sock is relatively thin, which allows excess heat to dissipate easily, so you don't get sweaty and damp toes. The elastic bands keep the sock in place all day.

Photo: @anettegeisnaes wearing our HS-80 socks in the color Green

On the head and around the neck

On cold days it is very important to wear something on your head, since a lot of your body heat escapes through the top of your head if it's not covered. With our merino beanie, you get a hat that fits snugly to your head and is super comfortable without feeling too tight. It is good insulating and warming. And it is also thin enough to wear under a helmet. 

Another alternative is our all-in-one merino neckwarmer, which can be used as a headband, beanie or NW-135 merino neck warmer that can be pulled up around the mouth and nose. It takes up no space and can easily be kept in your pocket in case it gets too hot.


Foto: @christinebonde wearing our merino Neck warmer