Our best tips on how to pack right to travel light

Our best tips on how to pack right to travel light

We love to travel and explore exciting new places and things, but for a lot of us packing can be a stressful and annoying job. It is always hard to know exactly what to pack and how much to pack. You do not want to be caught with luggage overweight in the airport and have to pay extra, but you don’t want to arrive and realize you are missing important pieces. This is why most of us end up packing way too little or way too much, and spend the first day shopping for the missing items or stressed out by too many options to choose from. 

It is not that we are experts, but when it comes to packing we have found one thing to be the most important

Less is more

When you go on vacation it is to get away from your home and your everyday life and there is no need to bring your whole wardrobe with you. It is often more stressful than beneficial, bringing a huge suitcase is clumsy and unhandy no matter if you are going to a big city, to the beach or to the mountains. Traveling and seeing new places is all about adventure, relaxation and fun - and all these things are easier if you are flexible and not carrying around a lot of unnecessary stuff.


So how do we avoid that? Here are our best tips 

When in doubt - leave it out 

If you look at a piece of clothing and ask yourself if you will use it and your answer is maybe, you should probably leave it out! If you can’t think of at least one occasion where you are certain you will use it - don’t bring it. We all know the feeling when you think “I might need this fancy dress og fancy shirt I’ve never worn at home in case we go there or there..” But chances that you will need it are small to nothing, and in case, you’ll probably figure something out to come around it. 

Think neutral and classic

When trying to not overpack it is always best to bring classic, neutral colors that you can mix-and-match with the other items packed and that can be used with anything. If you think it is a bit too boring - just bring one colorful item and wear that for a fun night out. 

Comfort first  

When we are on vacation one of the most important things is being comfortable and feeling good in our clothing so that we can focus on just relaxing, enjoying the moment and having a good time. If it is not comfortable the chances that you will wear it - and especially more than once - are slim to none. Does this mean that you should wear sweats the whole vacation? No, it is just about finding items that are both comfortable, stylish and practical. This is why our merino wool clothing is great- Our polo, t-shirts, dresses and tanktops are both comfortable, classic and stylish and practical as they can be used during day trips, sports activities and evenings out - and the wool keeps you dry, tempered and odor free. 

Wear the heavier pieces

If you want to bring a pair of boots, a heavier sweater, jacket or anything that takes up a lot of space and weight  in a bag or suitcase, instead of trying to cram it in there and leaving little space left for the necessities, make sure to wear them when traveling. You will also spare yourself from carrying around the heavy things. 


Think layers

Another important tip is to think in layers, because then you are sure to have something to wear no matter what the weather might turn out to be. Bring a t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt to wear on top, and a thin sweater. If it's hot you just use the t-shirt, in the evenings you can throw on a long-sleeve or thin sweater, and in case you have a day with colder weather you can wear all three layers. This way you can use the different layers in different ways - on their own or together - and you will get use of them all. Instead of bringing a big chunky sweater ‘just in case’ with the chances of you actually needing it being really small. 


 So what items should you bring?  


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