Around Denmark in a Kayak - A Year of Adventure - Part 2

Around Denmark in a Kayak - A Year of Adventure - Part 2

Around Denmark by kayak is our first adventure is our first of four adventures in a year. Through our own power, we will travel along the Danish coastlines to experience the beautiful nature of our own country, visit cozy harbor towns, and embrace encounters with locals and strangers. We look forward to many fun experiences and new acquaintances and hope to showcase how much is hidden in Denmark.

A Day in the Kayak

It's 06:00 and the alarm is ringing. The wind lightly rustles the tent fabric, and there's a faint sound from the raindrops gently falling outside. Again today, both this and the dim light penetrating the tent speak of a gray and wet day on the water. By now, we're used to the Danish summer weather this year being quite autumnal, and some mornings it's harder to get out of the sleeping bag than others. Our paddling clothes are in the vestibule, and although we spread them out to air since landing last night, they're still damp and smelly, and after the night's dropping temperature, they're also cold. After more than five weeks on the water in the same clothes, even our wool has started to smell sour, so getting dressed is far from our favorite activity of the trip. But it has to be done, and thankfully it's only cold for a brief moment, and we've gotten used to the smell since we don't smell particularly good ourselves anymore. The wet neoprene pants are still a hassle to pull on, wool socks are wet and dirty, and our long-sleeved wool shirts are wet from the chest down, but with the shell jacket over them, they provide a breezy and warm feeling. Now, the camp is packed up, clothes are on, kayaks are loaded, and we're ready to move further on the map and get closer to our destination at the bottom of Flensburg Fjord.

We move forward, and like every other day, we turn the gloomy weather into something positive and appreciate the beauty in the clouds with their various shapes and colors. The current is with us, and along with a few curious seals, we're accompanied well on our way. After a few hours on the water, the sun also emerges, and the shell jackets must come off. The sun heats up the water, leaving the shirts with stiff sleeves due to the dried white salt stains. On our trip around Denmark, we often start in shell jackets, and as the day progresses, the layers reduce. Today is no exception, so after lunch, where our energy stores are replenished, we swap the long-sleeved shirt for a short-sleeved one and apply an extra layer of sunscreen on our faces and arms before continuing for a few more hours. The wind has calmed down entirely, leaving the water mirror-like below us with spectacular reflections of the kayaks and the few remaining clouds in the sky. It's moments like these we cherish the most.

When we land on the beach, we take the drybags we need from the kayaks, and then it's carrying in style to where we'll set up camp for the night. It's not far, and it's lovely to stretch our legs a bit after a long day in the kayak. The tent is set up, and quickly we've settled in our home that changes location every evening. After a day on the water, it's appreciated to get into camp and change into some nice, airy wool clothing, and to walk around barefoot, airing out our soaked, wrinkled feet which, after over eight hours in neoprene boots filled with water, are happy to breathe. Dinner is cooked on the trangia, and today's menu consists of various fresh vegetables from the local grocer mixed with noodles, red curry paste, onions, our homemade dried tofu, and a dressing of sesame oil and peanut butter. As the late hours approach, we slowly crawl deeper into our sleeping bags. Tired and content, we drift off to sleep, dreaming of another great day awaiting us tomorrow.


The trip around Denmark amounted to a total of 1530 km in 56 days, of which 25% of the days we were safe and sound in the tent on the ground while the wind blew outside.