NW-135 Neckwarmer
NW-135 Neckwarmer
NW-135 Neckwarmer
100% merino wool neck tube, buff, neckwarmer
Black 100% merino wool neck tube, buff, neckwarmer
NW-135 Neckwarmer
Wine red 100% merino wool neck tube, buff, neckwarmer
Navy blue 100% merino wool neck tube, buff, neckwarmer

NW-135 Neckwarmer

NW-135 Neckwarmer

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It is actually much more than a neck warmer, the tube transforms from hat - to headband - to neck warmer or wristband. Making it an extremely versatile piece to bring everywhere. 

Of course we made it from our high quality 17,5 micron merino wool, making it super comfortable and lightweight. Our discreet LOOW label is attached to the back.

Available in 4 colors. Tube length 45 cm. 


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Our lightest fabric, knitted in Denmark from compact spun Italian yarn. The fabric feels light and airy on the body, have excellent breathability and temperature regulation.

  • 100% superfine merino wool
  • Fabric weight: 135g/m²
  • Micron: 17,5
  • Yarn: 60/1 compact spun
  • Mulesing free
  • No harmful substances:
  • Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex© 25739-6535/DTI
  • Easy wash
  • Knitted in Denmark


How our clothes are manufactured and under what conditions is important to us. Our textiles are manufactured in Denmark and our production, from packaging to labels in clothing, takes place in Europe. The fabrics are Oeko-tex certified, guaranteeing that no harmful substances have been used. Our merino wool is mulesing-free.


Merino wool breaks down bacteria and keeps you odor free for days or weeks. It is good for the environment and practical in everyday life.


Merino wool is naturally temperature regulating and surprisingly comfortable all year round.


When we develop our clothes, versatility is always on the mind. Our goal is to make clothes you want to wear more, for everything from sports, work and travel.