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Our neckwarmer is a must-have for everyone active - bike commuters, runners, skiers - it efficiently blocks air from flowing inside the jacket and the merino wool feels light and soft against the skin. You never have to bring a big and unhandy scarf with you again. 

Multifunctional beyond design 

It might be our most versatile piece yet. Our neckwarmer can be used in almost every way imaginable; wear it as a hat, headband, wristband and facemask, and it can easily fit into a pocket to be brought everywhere.

Soft and luxurious  

With our trademarked Airknit textile we have created a unique 4-way stretch 100% merino wool fabric which differs slightly from our other textiles. 170P Airknit is extremely breathable, the air pockets in the fabric ensures that air can flow freely through the shirt, ensuring a high ventilation. The texture and feel of the fabric gives our Airknit a more casual look.

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