How can I get in touch with customer service?

If you have a question about our products, the way we do business or just want to say hi, you are more than welcome to get in touch right here or at +45 31625331 for urgent matters. We will be at your service as soon as possible.


Where are LOOW garments produced?

The LOOW production is handled in Ikast, Denmark. We value the personal approach highly and want to make sure that the same attention to detail that goes into development, is also applied in production. Every garment is hand sewn in Poland.


How are LOOW textiles produced?

The Merino wool is sourced from the finest New Zealand sheep, guaranteed mulesing-free. Then it is processed in Italy, who is known to make merino wool yarn of the highest quality, before it arrives at our local production facility in Ikast, Denmark. 


What is the deal with Merino wool?

All our garments are made of knitted fabric of 100% merino wool. Our merino wool fabric offers comfort to an extremely high degree and has a unique ability to adapt to your body temperature. It transports sweat away from your body and remains odor-free, even under high-pressure circumstances.

Read more about the many benefits of merino wool here


Where can I buy LOOW garments?

Our products are exclusively available through our webshop. All products are shipped directly to your door or a selected parcelshop near you, from our own storage facility. This allows us to keep the price at a competitive level even though our production costs far outweighs most clothing companies. And allows you to purchase a true quality product at a fair price.


How do I decide between the 135 and 220 T-shirts? And how about 160U and 170P? 

Both T-shirts (135 &220) are made to accommodate your daily needs. The versatility of the merino wool allows use in multiple ways, the difference between the 135 and 220 T-shirt is the weight of the fabric. Our 220-series is a 2-ply product, whereas the 135 is single ply. Both offer the many benefits of merino wool. 220-series also has a higher degree of durability due to its thicker fabric of the 2-ply.

Our 135 fabric is suited for indoor use, sports and warm climates. The 220 fabric will give you the extra insulation you need for colder environments and demanding conditions. 

160U is our technological flagship T-shirt. This is also a 2-ply textile with higher durability but still lightweight. This is possible because we use extraordinary 15,5 micron fibers, compared to 17,5 micron in our 135- and 220-series. 

Finally our unique 170P, has a completely different textile structure compared to to all our other products. The unique 4-way stretch merino wool fabric is extremely breathable. With it's casual look it is highly wearable for city adventures and work.

All above mentioned products are 100% merino wool. 


What is the sizing like?

Our garments are generally true to size. You can see the size guide under each individual product or an extended size guide via this link.


When do you get new products?

We generally resupply our stock every 3 months, adding new product variants and restocking existing products. Sign up to our newsletter to get a notification when the new products are here.
A complete list of everything we have in stock is available here.


What if you don't have the size/color I need? 

Since our clothing is manufactured locally and we do not wish to produce more than we can sell, we often produce in smaller quantities. This means that item you want might sometimes be sold out in the color/size you need. The best way to ensure that you are notified when the item is back in stock is by selecting the right color and size, and then click on the button "Back in stock - notify me" (see picture below). Then you will receive an email when the item is back in stock.



How do I wash my LOOW garments?

It is important to note that merino wool fabric is odor free and doesn’t require washing as often as your standard garment. All our garments are treated with Total Easy Care and therefore doesn’t shrink in machine wash and tumble dry. Follow this step-by-step guide and your LOOW garments will last a lifetime.


    There is a hole/tear in my LOOW garment. Is it repairable?

    Small holes are easily repairable. But make sure to fix it as soon as you notice so is doesn’t grow bigger during wear or wash. If the hole is due to a fault in the garment, we are happy to help.


    Do you offer worldwide shipping?

    We provide a service with worldwide delivery.

    • We deliver in Denmark within 1-3 working days of your purchase.
    • EU deliveries within 1-3 days of your purchase.
    • Rest of the world within 7 days.

    We have free delivery to centralized package shops within EU.
    We also deliver to private adresses in Denmark with an additional cost of 39 DKK equals to 7 EUR or 8 USD.
    We deliver to the US and rest of the world with an additional shipping cost of 25USD.
    All deliveries to the UK are with an additional shipping cost of 18£/150DKK due to Brexit.

    As of now we cover most of Europe. We aim to service the entire world with LOOW products in the future. See our complete list of shipping destinations right here.  

    Is it possible to cancel or change my order after it has been placed?

    Yes, we ship orders everyday, so you have to be fast. The best  way is to reply to your order confirmation. 


    Is it possible to return an unwanted order?

    Off course. You can return your order for any reason within 30 days of delivery. No matter how much you have worn the T-shirt during this period. Please get in touch in advance through this form 


    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    The wellbeing of the sheep we source our merino wool from is extremely important. We buy all of our wool from New Zealand, which is the only place in the world where the wool and sourcing methods meet LOOW standards. All our suppliers live up to "The five freedoms of sheep". The farms we work with only cut their sheep once or twice a year and are guaranteed mulesing-free. Mulesing is a controversial method used to prevent fly attacks, but is very painful to the sheep and illegal in all of New Zealand. 


    Did you not find your answer above? Please get in touch with all enquiries and questions right here.



    - The LOOW team