Sock guide

How do our socks differ?
Light weight

The S-70 socks are light and breezy. They have a mesh weaving on the top of the foot and up the side of the ankle, for better ventilation. The heel and toes are reinforced with nylon, for a longer lifespan.

This is a thin indoor/summer sock, that will assist in keeping your feet cool and dry. It can also be used as an inner sock for trekking.

  • 75% Wool
  • 22% Nylon
  • 3% Elastan
Medium Weight, comfort & warmth

The HS-80 socks are a medium thickness socks, for daily comfortable use and extra warmth.

The bottom is cushioned, to provide more warmth and comfort. The middle features an elastic band, to ensure the socks stays in place. The top half of the sock features a thinner material that allows air to circulate freely.

The HS-80 sock is a great everyday sock that offers daily comfort and extra warmth. If you are looking for a more robust sock for higher activity levels, we recommend the HS-50 socks.

  • 80% Wool
  • 17% Nylon
  • 3% Elastan
Light weight

The NSS-60 socks are our no-show footies. They have a mesh weaving on the entire top of the sock, for improved ventilation. The heel and toe are reinforced with nylon, for a longer lifespan and the elastic band around the foot, ensures a firm fit. They sit tight around the foot and do not slip down.

We recommend the NSS-60 socks for sports and daily use in any kind of shoes. They are especially great for summer.

  • 60% Wool
  • 37% Nylon
  • 3% Elastan