Arkiv 2

René Holten Poulsen
René Holten Poulsen is Denmark's leading kayaker and has won medals at the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships, and European Games. René's biggest dream is to become an Olympic champion, and he knows that the path to get there requires...
Backpacking through Latin America - Part 2
Although we've actually sent some clothes (and a truckload of souvenirs) home, the backpacks don't feel lighter. Because every day we cram them with experiences to such an extent that it's almost too much of a good thing.
Backpacking through Latin America - Part 1

An understanding boss and a freelance job made the dream of backpacking through south america possible. Now we can be one huge experience richer before adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it really hit.

Team Rynkeby Riget - Dagbog fra turen

Team Rynkeby Riget er hjemme igen efter en fuldstændig fantastisk, begivenhedsrig og vanvittig smuk tur til Paris. De seje ryttere fra Team Rynkeby Riget, som vi er stolte over at have sponsoreret samlede ca. 1.000.000 kr. ind, hvilket er ny rekord for holdet - det er så sejt gået! Samlet set samlede alle Team Rynkeby hold over 70 millioner kr. ind til børn med kritiske sygdomme.

Jesper Grønnemark - One of Denmark's best sports photographers

"The right equipment is crucial for good pictures - both camera equipment and clothing. If I don't have to worry about being cold or sweaty, I have the energy to go the extra mile and get those unique shots. That's something I make a virtue of - always going the extra mile" 

Simon at the World Championships in Hard Enduro
The element of adventure, to be pushed far out of my comfort zone and get to test my limits, combined with the very special feeling you get from almost melting together with a powerful motorcycle at both high and low speeds, while moving through stunningly beautiful and brutal landscapes far from residential, is something that caught my interest in Enduro.
The first Danish women's boat rowing across the Atlantic - Part 1
Imagine being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with no land in sight. You decided to complete the unique challenge of crossing the ocean in nothing but a rowboat and only with help from your two teammates and the oar in your hands.
The road to Santiago
The Camino will forever be a memory of ultimate freedom, simple living, and peace of mind and body. Time stands still on the Camino. If you allow it. The Camino has been the ultimate break from everyday life - the ultimate break from the rush of everyday life. And also a reminder that you can do much more than you think.
From Denmark to China by bike - Part 1

An ode to the unplanned journey, and everything that comes with it.

You only live once, so follow your dreams
A drive for trying new things, like when he did triathlons for seven consecutive years or completed three ironman triathlons. The greatest passion, however, is still the childhood dream of long distance sailing under warmer skies, with the freedom and adventure that follows.
Nordic Overland - We love to travel
And when we travel, we prefer to do it as Overlanders. The classic way! With our Land Rover Defender and our South African expedition trailer. What appeals to us is the thought of being independent from others for several weeks,...
In The Desert - In Wool
As a scuba diver, journalist, and photographer, my work often takes me to off-the-beaten path places. Recently, one such place was Jordan. There to cover the scuba diving scene, something of a novelty in a country with only 27 km...
Gemstone hunting in Tanzania
The everyday life of Iver Rosenkrantz is something very special. He makes his living by mining and selling precious gemstones. His mine is located deep in Tanzania's hot, humid jungle, which demands for a high standard of equipment and clothing. That’s why he has chosen LOOW's merino T-shirts.
Exploring the last wilderness of Scandinavia

Love for the wilderness and long hikes bring friends together for new adventures. Meet two men in their thirties with the same name, living in Sweden, while working in Copenhagen, who decided to hike through the last real wilderness in Scandinavia.

Motorcycle adventures
As a motorcyclist you are constantly looking for equipment to make your trip as pleasant as possible. When it's cold, it must keep you warm. When it's hot, it should get rid of heat and dry quickly.