Motorcycle adventures

Motorcycle adventures

Top: Stinus with his Triumph Tiger 800 XCx. He is wearing a navy blue LOOW T-shirt - Size XL (196cm/93kg) Photo by Rune Buch.

We were on MC camp out, and only the most essential items was brought to keep the weight down. The T-shirt from LOOW was worn from the beginning and the idea was, that it had to stay on for the whole trip. For that I was very excited. We were exposed to the extremely changing weather - the temperature went from 30 to 14 degrees Celsius, initially from the heat in the sun, until we were caught in the worst rainstorm the Czech Republic had not seen in ten years.

I was only wearing my LOOW T-shirt on the entire trip underneath my motorcycle jacket. I felt that it quickly got rid of the heat, kept me dry despite me sweating heavily, and riding in a lot of rain. It kept me warm when the weather changed. It stayed odourless, and as an absolute plus, it only took a quick rinse for the T-shirt to be ready for a new day. Due to my vanity, the best  part of the T-shirt is that it's not screaming outdoor and camping, but it is actually a stylish t-shirt that I wanted to wear - even when we were not riding our bikes.

MC eventyr Merino t-shirt

After the trip to Austria and the Czech Republic Stinus continued on a motorcycle tour to Sweden, a trip of 7 days by 1400 kilometres. He chose to wear  his LOOW merino T-shirt again and ended up using it every day on this trip as well.

As part of the "MC Eventyr" (MC Adventure: Stinus and 4 friends were on a trip to Austria and the Czech Republic, a trip of 2100 km over 7 days.


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