How to wash your wool when traveling

How to wash your wool when traveling

Even though our products can be used longer before needing a wash due to the great properties of the wool, you might want to give them a quick wash if you are away for a longer time than a week. To help you make it easier we have gathered our best tips for washing your wool when traveling. 


Our best tips on how to wash your wool when traveling: 

1) Fill a washbasin with warm water and a little shampoo or hand soap. If there are heavy stains on the T-shirt, you can add the soap directly to the stains.

2) Put the T-shirt in the water and rub lightly on the stains if necessary.

3) Leave the T-shirt to soak for 5 minutes.

4) Empty the sink of water and rinse the T-shirt thoroughly with lukewarm water.

5) Squeeze out the water. Avoid twisting the T-shirt, as this may damage it.

6) Hang the T-shirt to dry on a hanger, with the shoulder seam neatly on top of the hanger and straighten the T-shirt.
7) A wool T-shirt will keep the shape it dries in, so make sure it hangs neatly and straight.

If the T-shirt does not have stains, in many cases it will be enough to air the T-shirt while you sleep. Hang it outdoors in the shade, preferably where there is wind and plenty of fresh air.

Avoid hanging the T-shirt to dry in direct sunlight, as this can cause the fabric to fade.

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