From extreme enviroments to daily comfort

From extreme enviroments to daily comfort

As a former Special Operation Forces operator at the Danish unit Jægerkorpset, I am used to ensuring exacting standards for my equipment, supplies and clothes. Questioning what I wear and use has grown to be instinctive for me.

The challenges

In the harsh desert environment of Afghanistan, it is essential to keep your body temperature low to perform at your best in the intense heat. In this unforgiving climate, the clothing you wear may ultimately mean the difference between life and death. This also applies in arctic environments, where clothes must keep you warm and dry. However, on a less extreme level, in simple everyday situations the comfort and fit of your clothing, and how it handles moisture, sweat and changing temperatures all impact on your ability to perform your daily routines effectively.

Wool is the solution

In nearly all cases, wool is one of the best materials to have next to skin and for mid-layer clothes, it's great for dissipating heat and absorbing sweat, as it isolates the heat in cold environments. Body odor can be a problem with some fabrics - particularly with polyester and cotton. Wool, however, will guarantee you fresh and odorless clothing, even after several days of use.

In truth, the fact that this wondrous natural material has yet to be imitated by any synthetic fabric is a small miracle!

Our goal

Our goal is to get more men to wear wool and dispel the myths potential itchiness and difficulties in washing. We want to show that woolen clothing does not have to be confined to after-ski parties!

Our clothing is designed to be used every day. It is versatile, and can be combined with a blazer, or worn individually with a pair of jeans. We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience this amazing gift of nature, and share the secret of this versatile and practical fabric.

We believe that it is possible to produce clothing in Denmark through a focus on exclusive items that focus on quality, not quantity. We sell our clothes directly from the factory with no middlemen, so the price is kept at a competitive level.

Now and the future 

LOOW was founded in 2015 by former Special Operation Forces soldier (Jægerkorpset) Anders Lorentzen.  We are based in Copenhagen and launched our first products in July 2016. Our products are developed on an individual basis, and are not launched until they meet our rigorous standards. We use local textile manufacturers and the production is also handled by a Danish company. While we are still dependent on other manufacturers for some parts of the process as yet, we are proud to state that we are continuously working towards 100% Danish production.