Langt Ude - A Year of Adventure

Langt Ude - A Year of Adventure

The Dream of Great Adventures

The cold wind whips over the tightly packed snow, creating small swirls of dancing flakes and ice crystals that quickly move across the frozen fjord. The sun has not yet emerged from its winter hibernation, hiding behind the jagged mountain peaks, from where it casts its warm, indirect light over the frost-cracked rocks, lonely icebergs, and the endless snowy landscape. Here, in the middle of the northeastern wilderness of Greenland, Anders sits against the dog sled. He dials Anna's phone number on the satellite phone, hoping she answers on the other end so they can enjoy one of those rare and crackling conversations that make up their relationship during long periods. This is one of the conditions during the up to five-month-long sled trips with the Sirius Sled Patrol, and for over two years, Sirius has been the focal point and adventure in our relationship - a unique challenge for both Anna at home in Denmark and Anders in Greenland.

The satellite phone beeps a couple of times in search of a signal before the waiting tones begin their slow rhythm. Anna answers, and fortunately, she has time to talk. With joy, Anders puts on his warm outer gloves and settles in with a view of the enormous frozen fjord. On this day, Anna has something special on her mind. Wanderlust has been bubbling inside her, and she asks Anders if he would be willing to take a year off from the calendar to go on an adventure together, a year after Anders returns home. After a few seconds of consideration, Anders says yes, and immediately, dreams run wild, and the conversation begins. We want to meet a lot of new people and cultures, but we also want to embrace togetherness and feel completely alone in the great outdoors. We want to challenge ourselves physically and mentally but also be able to enjoy the special tranquility that comes with long journeys. We want to see a variety of nature, but preferably with as little impact as possible. In the following weeks, all the thoughts run free, and while Anna bends over her veterinary studies in Copenhagen and Anders moves through the vast Northeast Greenland with a dog sled, the dreams slowly take shape, and with each crackling conversation over the satellite phone, we get closer to a plan.

Dreams Become Reality

To explore and seek out everything we associate with real adventures, we have chosen to divide the year into four different ones. Each of the four adventures has its own driving force, means, and goals, and thus, we hope to pursue our dreams, encounter new challenges, and simply fill our everyday lives with adventure.

Around Denmark in a Kayak

Around Denmark by kayak is our first adventure, starting on July 3, 2023. Through our own power, we will travel along the Danish coastlines to experience the beautiful nature of our own country, visit cozy harbor towns, and embrace encounters with locals and strangers. We look forward to many fun experiences and new acquaintances and hope to showcase how much is hidden in Denmark.

All Roads Lead to Rome

In September, we will switch to bicycles and crisscross Europe to live out the old saying, "All roads lead to Rome." The route is not planned in advance, but we will see where the roads, nature, and the people we meet take us, eventually ending up in Rome in the middle of November. We hope to encounter Europe's diverse cultures and look forward to traversing the magnificent natural areas that exist throughout our continent.

Spitsbergen Ski Expedition

On Svalbard, glaciers spread in all directions, snow-covered peaks reach towards the sky, and temperatures drop below -30 degrees Celsius. It was here that we met five years ago, and in February, we will return to embark on a 100-day long ski expedition to explore every corner of the main island, Spitsbergen. Surrounded by this vast wilderness, one quickly feels small and can personally experience the immense forces that dominate nature. We look forward to a true winter expedition and the unique challenges that naturally accompany it.

Hiking across the Nordic Arctic

When June's sharp sun melts the snow and brings forth the plants, we will venture into Scandinavia's largest wilderness. We'll lace up our hiking boots and journey from Kirkenes in the east, through dense Finnish forests and soft marshlands, across vast Swedish plains and towering mountains, to reach Mo i Rana on the Norwegian west coast. Along the way, we will embrace encounters with our neighboring countries, search for wildlife, and immerse ourselves in the wild nature just beyond Denmark's borders.

Preparation is an Important Part of the Adventure

Thorough preparation is crucial to realizing our adventures. We have spent countless hours studying maps, creating packing lists, reviewing equipment, planning logistics, choosing appropriate clothing, and organizing everything in Excel spreadsheets. To undertake the winter ski expedition, our bedroom has been filled with cardboard boxes for an extended period, packed with supplies and sent to Svalbard on summer supply ships. In our utility room, running gear, kayak equipment, and bicycle panniers constantly hang to dry after important training sessions that prepare us physically and technically for the challenges we will face. However, our most important preparation comes from the conversations we have. To navigate through long expeditions successfully, aligning expectations and maintaining open communication are essential. As we balance being partners and expedition mates, it is crucial for us to discuss potential scenarios in advance and honestly share our concerns and thoughts. We are deeply reliant on each other out there and the smiles we can give each other.

Who Are We?

Anna is 29 years old, a veterinary student, actively involved in ReWild projects, and an independent dog trainer. She grew up near the sea and forests, with a diverse background in outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, sea kayaking, and running. Additionally, she spent one and a half years working with sled dogs in Svalbard.

Anders is 28 years old and returned home in the fall after spending 26 months with the SIRIUS Sled Patrol. He grew up with outdoor life and has many years of experience in activities like hiking, mountain climbing, winter trekking, sea kayaking, running, adventure sports, and worked as a dog sled guide in Svalbard for two years.

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