135 - Lightweight Merino T-shirts

The 135-series are high performance lightweight merino wool t-shirts. They are thin & light to keep your core temperature down. They efficiently keep you tempered indoors and in hot environments, and are still comfortable when the temperature drops, when you are wet also.

We recommend the 135-serie T-shirts for indoor use and under shirts and suits. Available in 6 neutral colors, developed to match a broad variety of clothes and activities.

220 - Heavy Duty Merino T-shirts

Our2. generation 220 T-shirts are heavier, more durable and provides more insulation. 

Designed with the mild Nordic weather in mind, to be used in everyday life, when there is a need for something more presentable, for expeditions, travels and hunting. Whatever you expose them and yourself to, you can be sure they got your back.

We recommend the 220 T-shirts if you generally feel cold and to be worn as a stand alone piece.

Merino wool Accessories

Our hearts are beating for T-shirts, but upon request we have made a serie of  accessories, so you can enjoy the benefits of merino wool from top to toe.


We recommend not using regular washing detergent, as it breaks down the wool fibers.
Using a wool detergent containing lanolin will preserve the abilities of merino wool and provide for a longer lifespan.

A fitting gift

Don’t know their size, or which color they would like? Give the gift of ultimate comfort with a LOOW Gift Card instead.
Gift cards are delivered by email immediately and is printable.